Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2016

Group-IB annual report on cybercrime trends

Contact us +7 (495) 984 33 64 or

Contact us +7 (495) 984 33 64 or

Key facts

Three times the amount of theft from targeted attacks on banks, as compared with the previous reporting period.

A dramatic increase in the risk of attacks on critical industrial infrastructure

Growth in DDoS extortion including attacks using IoT devices

Attackers are increasingly active in traffic interception and cyber espionage.
This is primarily through vulnerabilities at telecom operators and Internet providers.


How banks in and outside Russia are attacked and by whom

How the cryptolocker market is evolving

How threat actors conduct the most popular attacks on Android users

Brand abuse schemes

From investigating complex cybercrimes and collecting threat data from hundreds of sources over the past year, Group-IB specialists have recorded the evolution of cyber-crime and the tools employed. Our Annual Report is an overview of these observations, along with analysis of key threats targeting businesses and governments, as well as forecasts for their development.

This report allows you to tailor your IT security strategy to meet incoming threats in the coming year. This is of particular importance to the banking and industrials sector as well as critical infrastructure protection specialists.

Group-IB’s status has been confirmed by Gartner — in 2015 Group-IB was included in the top 7 global vendors of threat intelligence.

Ilya Sachkov

CEO, Founder Group-IB

Protect your clients, business and reputation

Threat Intelligence subscribers are always on the forefront and were made aware of the recent Buhtrap spear-phishing emails the same day they were sent. Additionally, reports included both mailings details and payload analysis. The data we provided proved vital in preventing attacks against clients exposed to Buhtrap risks.

We help to prevent and investigate cyber attacks at every stage, from reconnaissance or preparation to threat actors taking actions to achieve objectives. Furthermore, we prevent the spread of the attack and ensure that your infrastructure is clean of the presence of infection.
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Group-IB is one of the global leaders in preventing and investigating high-tech crimes and online fraud. Since 2003, the company has been active in the field of computer forensics and information security, protecting the largest international companies against financial losses and reputation risks.

We are recognized by Gartner, Forrester and IDC a as leading threat intelligence vendor with the ability to provide a unique insight to the threats originating from Russia and Eastern Europe. Group-IB is recommended by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

Group-IB’s experience and threat intelligence has been fused into an eco-system of highly sophisticated software and hardware solutions to monitor, identify and prevent cyber threats.

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Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2016

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