Phishing and
scam protection

Group-IB Digital Risk Protection detects phishing and scams and proceeds with lightning-fast takedowns to protect your brand and clients.

Dangers of phishing and scam

Phishing is the most common type of social engineering attacks, an easy and inexpensive way to get access to confidential data. But why is it that dangerous to your business?

scam phishing protection
Omnipresent & behavioural

Attackers send malicious emails disguised as trusted ones to lure a victim into providing valuable information or downloading malware.

Tricky & elusive

The variety of scenarios is impressive: cybercriminals are always innovating, and their attacks are becoming more and more advanced.


of all cyberattacks are accounted for phishing and scams


of phishing websites are hosted on compromised legitimate resource


of increase in phishing disguised as onlines services

Counteract phishing and scams
by leaning on our technology and innovations

scam protection
Efficient & flexible

Your first line of defense that fits any size of business and stage of maturity

phishing protection
AI-fused & self-training

Use machine learning to brand detect violations at the earliest possible stage

scam protection
Scam intelligent

Actor-centric approach to researching scammers' behaviors and tools

Digital Risk Protection
Direct hit on phishing and scams

Scammers have no chance thanks to our featured solution – Digital Risk Protection, a stellar, AI-powered brand protection solution developed to defeat all digital threats to your business.

Defeat scammers by relying
on our exceptional human expertise

Human-curated experience
scam protection
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70+ cybersecurity and brand protection professionals, Group-IB CERT (member of FIRST and Trusted Introducer) at your disposal, as well as your own dedicated go-to expert

Lightning-fast takedowns
phishing protection anti phishing
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Our takedown service is continuous and the fastest, the number of takedowns is unlimited (no extra billing), and we suggest full technical and legal support, including assistance with scam investigations

Extensive partner network
scam prevention phishing protection
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Group-IB is an authorized member of international response team associations (FIRST, APWG, IMPACT, Trusted Introducer etc), and has well-established relationships with registrars and hosting providers over the globe.

Group-IB scam and phishing
protection capabilities

scam protection
Resource monitoring
phishing protection

scam protection

Corporate emails
Search engines
Domain names
Mobile app stores
Deep/dark web
Databases of phishing resources
Online classifieds and marketplaces
Spam traps
Social media
Instant messengers
Brand name mentions
Graph analysis
URL structure analysis
Image recognition
Violation determination
Enforcement prioritization
Content signatures
Machine learning models
JS-snippet traps
Evasion technique detection
Web server log analysis
DMARC monitoring
Response automation
to speed up takedowns

Automated response system allows to speed up takedowns and provide immediate removal of threats to protect users.

Tiered response

Multi-stage takedown process enables to increase success rate and defeat more infringements on a pre-trial basis

with search engines

well-established relationships with major digital platforms, cybersecurity vendors and hosting providers

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Extend your phishing
and scam protection strategy

Discover other featured solutions powered by Group-IB Unified Risk Platform as an extra protection against phishing and scam attacks.

Fraud Protection by Group-IB

Act in real time to stop social engineering phishing, fraud, and scam across all digital channels

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business email protection
Business Email Protection by Group-IB

Take off where phishing and scam attacks start and level up your corporate email protection

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cyber intelligence platform
Threat Intelligence by Group-IB

Analyze phishing databases and manage threat landscape to react and block phishing resources rapidly

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anti phishing
Phishing investigation

Get deep knowledge of an incident, identify a detailed threat actor profile, and collect evidence for court and law enforcement

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