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Take a look and discover Group-IB Fraud Protection, an innovative solution built for detecting, preventing, and fighting fraud in real time and across all digital channels

Drill down into the detailed reporting and intuitive dashboards of Group-IB Fraud Protection solution to obtain in-depth, directly actionable insights

Data Hub tab with fraud prevention reporting

Explore all capabilities of Group-IB Fraud Protection platform and our comprehensible graph visualization built to illustrate connections between users and devices

An example of graph visualization in the Fraud Protection platform

Explore the in-depth analysis provided by Group-IB Fraud Protection to obtain valuable insights and improve your fraud prevention measures and anti-fraud response strategy in real time

A tab with an in-depth fraud prevention analysis

Discover Preventive Proxy, our patented anti-bot technology built to detect all types of bot attacks (web scraper, brute force, account takeover, unauthorized use of API, etc.)

Preventive Proxy tab for anti-bot protection

Fraud Protection uses advanced fingerprinting and behavioral analysis to securely authenticate users to prevent fraud and deliver a frictionless customer experience

Preventing fraud for mobile users

Fraud Protection uses advanced fingerprinting and behavioral analysis to securely authenticate users to prevent fraud and deliver a frictionless customer experience

Web application protection from fraud with Group-IB Fraud Protection solution

Group-IB Fraud Protection analyzes user behavior with its explainable AI. This analysis provides an opportunity to identify abnormal behavior and prevent fraud, reducing the cost of additional transaction verifications or eliminating the consequences of fraud.

Group-IB Fraud Protection analyzes user behavior to prevent fraud

Why clients choose Group-IB to protect 300M+ web and app users worldwide

group-ib fraud protection

Robust & compliant

All scripts, traffic, and data are encrypted to avoid interception by third parties. Fraud Protection solution doesn’t collect or process any personal and identifiable data



Fully tailored customer service and continuous analytical support by a world-class team of anti-fraud analysts and experts in digital forensics and incident response

group-ib unified risk platform

Fused ecosystem

Threat intelligence insights collected by Unified Risk Platform, giving us the full fraud landscape visibility, and our experts turning insights into an actionable anti-fraud strategy

Group-IB Fraud Protection key features to power your anti-fraud measures

fraud protection ai machine learning

Powerful AI-fused technologies

Weaponize yourself with an unbeaten combination of supervised and unsupervised ML, and deep learning

cross-channel web mobile app protection

Cross-channel correlations

Use our game-changing technologies to make sure that your both web and mobile channels are protected

Counteracting advanced attacks

Protect your business from various types of digital fraud: malware, SIM swap, bad bots, web scraper, account takeover, social engineering fraud, and many more

fraud protection identification

Global user identification

Global ID, a stellar identification technology provided by Group-IB Fraud Protection, identifies user devices among different applications with more accuracy

bot protection

Bot protection

Leverage our Preventive Proxy anti-bot technology to analyze the user sessions, and detect automated tools to respond to malicious bot activity

fraud prevention technologies

Patented technologies

Cloud ID and Call ID technologies allow to authenticate users change devices or SIM cards without false positives, and detect fraud calls

user experience optimization

User experience optimization

Detect abnormal behavior, while improving UX by reducing costs of extra verification and avoid the overall UX pollution

fraud protection graph

Graph technology

The incident response time is improved radically due to the visualization of links powered by the fraud graph technology provided by Group-IB Fraud Protection

Counteracting advanced attacks

Industry-tailored fraud protection

Protection from an extensive range of cyber threats targeting specific industries (scam calls, phishing, 3DS protection for banking, account takeover, web scraping, etc.)

Eradicate digital fraud with Fraud Protection solution

Stories of successful
deployment & proven impact

«For Paxful, Group-IB was the perfect solution; we were particularly impressed by the accuracy of Group-IB’s device fingerprint technology. The unique technology that easily detects suspicious devices is exactly what we were looking for. Interactive graph visualization tools and strong API create a truly comprehensive experience when it comes to fraud investigation. With reliable and helpful technical support, Group-IB is a well-rounded cybersecurity solution that works for us».


Chief Information Security Officer

«Group-IB Fraud Protection identifies various factors on client devices, thereby making the anti-fraud system more accurate in detecting fraud. It is also worth mentioning that Group-IB’s expertise in the field of threat intelligence means that the company creates detection rules for the most relevant threats targeting online banking users».

JSC Raiffeisenbank

Principal Manager of the Information Security Department

Reviews on Gartner

Online Fraud Detection


Apr 20, 2023

The thing that will reduce your losses

Apr 28, 2023

Great partner to provide protection against external Threat

Industry-tailored approach to fraud prevention

Group-IB Fraud Protection is an advanced solution designed to counteract the most sophisticated fraud schemes your business could ever face, regardless of your industry

Banking and insurance
Banking and insurance

Online banking protection


Scam calls


PSD2 compliant


P2P protection


3DS protection

GDPR compliant

Impersonation scam


Retail and e-commerce
Retail and e-commerce

SMS bombing

Brute force protection

Web scraping protection

Layer 7 DDoS

API protection

Bonus hunting protection

Account takeover protection




Gambling and betting
Gambling and betting

Multi-accounting detection

Bonus hunting protection

Bot protection

Website data protection

API protection

Betting arbitrage

Chip Dumping


Seamless technical integrations

The flexible architecture of Fraud Protection by Group-IB perfectly integrates with your current tech stack using APIs


Fraud Protection International Awards

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Solutions Differentiation

Frost & Sullivan recently cited Group-IB Fraud Protection as a leading solution within the industry. Source: "Fraud Detection & Prevention Market: Solutions Differentiation, Global, 2022"

Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Of Group-IB Digital Fraud Protection (formerly Fraud Hunting Platform) for A Customer Migrating From A Legacy Anti-Fraud Solution


on investment

↑ 20% improved fraud detection

↓ 20% reduction in false positives

↑ $288K cost saving in investigation

↓ 30% less OTP for 2FA required

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Subscription Plans


Protects your websites or web applications with Passive Biometrics and advanced device fingerprinting.

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Protects your mobile applications with Passive Biometrics and advanced device fingerprinting.

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Protect your digital channels with Passive Biometrics and advanced device fingerprinting

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Bot Protection

Detect and Block Malicious Bots in Real-Time

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Full Protection

Protect all your digital channels with passive biometrics, advanced device fingerprinting, including bot protection.

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Eradicate digital fraud

Moving forward
with Fraud Protection

What is Fraud Protection?


Fraud Protection is a set of tools and services that help organizations detect, identify, prevent damage and protect from digital fraud; it comprises both fraud prevention and fraud detection strategies. Fraud Protection services are used to protect the digital identity of users, block bot activity and prevent fraud. Fraud Protection helps reduce fraud losses and improve user experience in automated customer systems.

Group-IB Fraud Protection allows you to detect the following types of fraud: social engineering attacks (phishing sites, email scams etc.), account takeover fraud, payment fraud, malicious bot attacks, web injections, mobile trojans, malware-related and credit frauds etc.

Does Fraud Protection collect any Personal Identifiable Information (PII)?


No, our solution only processes hashed or encrypted user IDs and session IDs that cannot be associated with an individual.

Is Group-IB Fraud Protection solution GDPR Compliant?


Group-IB adopts a serious approach to enforcing personal data protection in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As part of complying with GDPR requirements, Group-IB takes the necessary organizational and technical measures to develop, maintain, and provide the Fraud Protection solution.

The legitimate interests of a controller (in accordance with Article 6 and Recital 47 EU GDPR) provide a legal basis for the processing of data subjects’ personal data while using the Fraud Protection solution.

What change do we need to make to start protecting our website(s)?


To protect your website(s), you simply need to add our Web Snippet to your site. The Web Snippet is a client module that is built into the protected application, and from the moment the first page of the application is loaded, it transmits indicators of compromise, the behavioral characteristics of the user, and the environment in which the application is running to the server-side of the Fraud Protection.

What do we need to do to protect our mobile application(s)?


To protect your mobile application(s), you simply need to add our SDK to your mobile application. Integrating the Mobile SDK into a mobile application does not require changing the application’s logic.

The Mobile SDK is a client module built into the protected mobile application. From the moment the application is loaded, it transmits indicators of compromise, the behavioral characteristics of the user, and the environment in which the application is running to the server-side of the Fraud Protection platform.

The Mobile SDK does not transfer sensitive banking information, Personal Identifiable Information, or other confidential data. The contents and type of transferred data can be set by the customer independently when integrating the SDK into the mobile application.

Can you integrate Group-IB Fraud Protection solution into my Risk Management platform?


The Fraud Protection solution can integrate into any Risk Management Platform that uses API. We can provide Pull and Push mode APIs.