50 min, 27 May 2020

A Playbook of 'Perswaysion' Phishing Campaign

PerSwaysion is a highly-targeted phishing campaign. PerSwaysion appears to be a phishing kit sold on the underground markets by a Vietnamese source.
50 min, 10 April 2020

Intelligence-driven threat hunting, or don’t let the hunter become the prey

Many businesses blindly implement Threat Hunting in their infrastructures while remaining unaware of the solution that lies at the core of TH and other security processes.
Roman Rezvukhin, Oleg Skulkin
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50 min, 31 March 2020

If I have a SOC, do I need Compromise Assessment

Can you have absolute certainty that your data and infrastructure have not been breached?
Sergey Nikitin
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15 min, 24 March 2020

6 Symptoms of Disease: Risks for Online Pharmaceutical Market

In no other industry does the distribution of counterfeit products harm customers as much as in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma brands must take proactive steps to protect their brands from criminals.
Pavel Suprunyuk, Anton Dolgalev
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15 min, 18 March 2020

Open API security: Clarity instead of obscurity

APIs have become a hidden part of everyday life. Some industries are only beginning to develop their own open API ecosystems, which has made the issue of security highly relevant for them.
Pavel Suprunyuk
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40 min, 3 March 2020

Sporting Goods Maraphon:

Official Brands vs. Counterfeiters
Anton Dolgalev, Igor Stolyarov
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30 min, 27 February 2020

The 3 types of online fraud attack you’re most likely to face in 2020

Learn more about top-3 online fraud schemes we have detected in 2019-2020, robust online fraud prevention technologies
Pavel Shepetina
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45 min, 20 February 2020

Detection of advanced threats. Streamlined response. Proactive Threat Hunting

Each new cyberattack aimed at a company, political party, or critical infrastructure facility gives us the opportunity to see the evolution of tactics and tools to carry them out
Pavel Shepetina
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60 min, 6 December 2019

Hi-tech High Trend 2019/2020

A single comprehensive source of strategic data on cyberthreats and reliable forecasts of their development.
Dmitry Volkov, Nicholas Palmer
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40 min, 14 November 2019

Online Brand Abuse:

Latest Trends and Evolution of Scam Methods
40 min, 10 Sep 2019

Are you ready for Cyber Incident Response? Expectation vs Reality

Key elements of the incident response readiness assessment designed by Group-IB. Six steps for effective incident response.
Vitaly Trifonov
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30 min, 4 Sep 2019

Silence: Tools & Attack Evolution in 2019

This webinar is geared towards the first comprehensive technical report on the cybergang Silence.
Rustam Mirkasymov
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30 min, 7 Jul 2019

How to level-up on your cyber knowledge: Group-IB hands-on cybersecurity programs

Learn more about Cybersecurity educational programs: Comprehensive course, Digital Hygiene,Cyber Crime Trends, SOC Building
Anastasia Barinova
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30 min, 24 Jun 2019

How to safeguard your business from social engineering attacks?

Learn more about Social engeneering, Top social engineering attact scenarios and prevention tips
Nicholas Palmer
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60 min, 26 Mar 2018

Incident Response Preparedness: a hard look at the statistics

In 2018 we inspected over 100 companies on preparedness for incident response and are ready to share the results of our assessment.
60 min, 29 Nov 2018

Red Team vs Pen Test

How Red Teaming is actually different from pen testing
Nicholas Palmer
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60 min, 8 Nov 2018

Mobile Fraud Trends and Best Practices in Protecting Banking Apps

How to prevent mobile banking app fraud
Denis Maslennikov
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60 min, 14 Sep 2018

Three Steps for Building a Successful Brand Protection Strategy

Technological approach for building digital brand protection strategy
Igor Stolyarov
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60 min, 13 Sep 2018

New APT attacks on Banks discovered: The Sound of Silence

While successful attacks were detected in Russian banks, Group-IB experts have discovered the group’s activity in 25+ countries worldwide
Dmitry Volkov, Nicholas Palmer
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60 min, 17 Aug 2018

How to Choose a Sandbox

Practical use cases on how to choose a sandbox and avoid common testing mistakes
Nikita Kislitsin
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35 min, 24 May 2018

Protect your Online Banking

Learn how to detect cybercrime and attacks from client-side with technical anti-fraud
Nicholas Palmer
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50 min, 18 December 2017

Group-IB on MoneyTaker

Cybercriminals, revealed after 1.5 years of silent operations
Nicholas Palmer, Dmitry Volkov
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45 min, 16 November 2017

Key Findings from the Annual Report

This webinar is a year in review of cybercrime trends based on Group-IB threat intelligence data.
Nicholas Palmer, Dmitry Volkov
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40 min, 16 August 2017

Cobalt Hacking Group Persists

Changes in attack methodology based on 20+ strategic intelligence reports with Q&A.
Nicholas Palmer, Dmitry Volkov
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40 min, 31 May 2017

Lazarus Arisen

Architecture, Techniques and Attribution of the group.
Nicholas Palmer, Dmitry Volkov
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45 min, 19 December 2016

Cobalt ATM Jackpotting

Learn about the methods and techniques used by the criminal group and get the tips on preventing the attacks.
Nicholas Palmer, Dmitry Volkov
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