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Get help of our skilled Incident Response team operating globally to ensure rapid and thorough containment, remediation and recovery of the most damaging cyber attacks

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77%of companies

do not have a cyber security incident response plan in 2018

 191      days

is the average length of time it takes organizations to identify a data breach

Why leading organizations worldwide choose Group-IB

Incident-centric approach

18 years of hands-on incident response experience within different verticals enable us to align our response tactics to a variety of threat models

Certified experts

60,000 hours of incident response has been conducted by our forensic specialists who are internationally recognized members of advisory councils around the world


Empowering our world-class threat intelligence with advanced machine learning algorithms to offer a full range of incident response services

Our tailored Incident Response Approach

Group-IB combines a power of human expertise, rich data sources and unique technologies to get a first-hand understanding of intrusion tactics and malware samples used in most sophisticated cyber attacks.

We apply our Intelligence Driven approach to analyze the threat actor’s activities and piece together a coherent attack kill chain to restore business continuity.

We handle breaches of varied size and complexity, including:

Malware | Mobile banking frauds | DoS/DDoS attacks | Ransomware | Unauthorized access | Fraudulent resources and botnets | Suspected breaches | Data and money theft

Our post-incident deliverables

Clear network

We gather all necessary information for creating a list of Indicators of Compromise, write YARA-rules to clear your enterprise’s network from the infiltration.

Investigative report with attacker profile

Our experts explore the anatomy of the attack — how attackers gained a foothold and moved laterally inside your organization to steal confidential data.

Remediation report and recommendations

After analysis, we prepare a detailed report on how to adjust your security architecture and processes to strengthen your security posture.

High-level steps of Incident Response

Step 1. Network traffic analysis

Under the guidance of Group-IB experts your IT personnel implements Threat Hunting Framework for network traffic monitoring and suspicious behavior detection missed by signature-based cybersecurity systems.

Step 2. Forensic analysis

Group-IB specialists conduct express forensic analysis of workstations and servers used by cybercriminals to identify the initial attack vector, applied tools and techniques as well as exploited vulnerabilities.

Step 3. Malware analysis

Our GIAC certified malware analysts perform basic or advanced static and dynamic analysis of malicious code discovered during an investigation to determine other affected assets in the environment and prevent further intrusions.


Group-IB Incident Response Retainer

For your peace of mind, rely on our Retainer service to get an emergency assistance and avoid delays “when seconds count”. Group-IB’s IR team is ready to provide an on-site service within hours to strengthen your security posture.

Our Retainer's Benefits:

  • pre-negotiated terms and conditions to shorten response time from several days to just few hours
  • discounted rates for additional pre-paid support hours and IR services from a vendor familiar with your IT environment and security processes
  • access to a 24/7 incident response hotline — Group IB’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-GIB)
  • no additional paperwork delaying your incident response when every minute matters
of companies are dissatisfied with their current response time

Case from Group-IB:

...At least one of the US Banks targeted had documents successfully exfiltrated from their networks, twice. The incomplete incident response by the other company was the reason for the second attack.

About 20 companies were attacked in the US, UK and Russia by MoneyTaker group from May 2016 to November 2017. The average loss from each successful attack was about $500 000 baseline.


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