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Global scam operation ‘Classiscam’ expanded to Singapore Aug 8
Delivery failed: users in the Middle East deceived by cybercriminals who mimic post services Jul 26
Group-IB announces regional diversification of business Jul 6
Unified Group-IB. Meet Unified Risk Platform Jun 30
The Conti Enterprise: ransomware gang that published data belonging to 850 companies Jun 23
Group-IB & afriVAD support Africa Cyber Defense Forum 2022 Jun 17
Laser Targeted: massive phishing campaign singles out clients of major Vietnamese banks Jun 9
In 2021, 57% of all cybercrimes were scams — Digital Risk Summit May 26
Operation Delilah: Group-IB helps INTERPOL nab suspected leader of transnational phishing ring May 25
Group-IB presents its annual ransomware guidebook: winning streak continues, avg ransom grows by 45% May 19
Below the surface: Group-IB identified 308,000 exposed databases in 2021 Apr 27
Scammers made $1.6 million in yet another fake crypto giveaway Apr 8
Group-IB to support CERTFin to guard Italian financial sector Mar 17
Group-IB wins 8 Gold Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2022 Feb 21
Group-IB teams up with Ingenuous Feb 9
Group-IB Signs Partnership Agreement with Corr-Serve in South Africa Jan 25
Operation Falcon II: Group-IB assists INTERPOL, Nigerian Police Force in action to apprehend 11 cybercriminals Jan 19
DotForce becomes Group-IB’s first distributor in Italy Jan 12
For you only: scammers invent new targeted tools to amplify fraud schemes Dec 21
Ransomware, carding, and initial access brokers: Group-IB presents report on trending crimes Dec 2
Group-IB participates in Europol-coordinated operation that saves €14 mln for European banks Nov 29
Pass to nowhere: Group-IB assists Italian law enforcement in identification of fraudsters selling fake Green Passes Nov 27
Group-IB enhances presence in Poland by partnering Ingram Micro Nov 26
CyberCrimeCon 2021: top-tier cybersecurity gathering to go live on December 2 Nov 23
The awakening: Group-IB uncovers new corporate espionage attacks by RedCurl Nov 18
Group-IB enhances presence in Poland by partnering Ingram Micro Nov 16
Group-IB Fraud Hunting Platform delivers substantial ROI Oct 26
Group-IB and University of Naples Federico II set up Threat Hunting & Investigation Competence Centre Oct 18
Group-IB joins Dutch Security Cluster HSD Oct 12
Group-IB partners with Spire Solutions to bolster Middle East’s cyber environment Oct 4
Group-IB confident in the innocence of Ilya Sachkov. Co-founder Dmitry Volkov to assume leadership of the company Sep 29
Group-IB confident in the innocence of Ilya Sachkov. Co-founder Dmitry Volkov to assume leadership of the company Sep 29
Independent study: Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution can deliver an ROI of 339% Sep 17
Group-IB included among major cybersecurity consulting firms by independent research firm Aug 24
Group-IB, VNPT-IT partner to enhance Vietnam’s digital environment Aug 19
Group-IB recognized as a global cyber threat intelligence leader by Frost & Sullivan Aug 13
Group-IB becomes the first cybersecurity company to join JTC’s Punggol Digital District Jul 28
Group-IB helps Dutch police identify members of phishing developer gang Fraud Family Jul 22
Group-IB joins Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Marketplace Jul 15
Operation Lyrebird: Group-IB assists INTERPOL in identifying perpetrator behind numerous cybercrimes worldwide Jul 6
CyberSec Services first European MSSP capitalising on Group-IB’s Threat Hunting Framework Jul 5
Global Scamdemic: Scams Become Number One Online Crime Jun 10
Database, source code of bulletproof hosting, once Parler’s service provider, up for sale on hacker forum Jun 1
Group-IB launches regional HQ in Dubai. City becomes home to its MEA Threat Intelligence & Research Center May 30
Group-IB helps stop a large scammer group targeting senior citizens May 26
OT-ISAC and Group-IB Partner to Exchange Adversary-Centric Threat Intelligence May 6
Saving World Health Day: UNICC and Group-IB take down scam campaign impersonating the World Health Organization Apr 30
Group-IB wins SBR Technology Excellence 2021 award for Threat Intelligence & Attribution system Apr 27
Critical update: Facebook Messenger users hit by scammers in over 80 states Apr 20
Group-IB teams up with Virtual Vendors in Australia and New Zealand to deliver local companies rock solid cyber defense Apr 15
What goes around comes around: hackers leak other hackers’ data online Apr 8
Send to saved messages: cybercriminals use Telegram bots and Google Forms to automate phishing Apr 7
Group-IB: What makes Jolly Roger sad. The state of video piracy in Russia Mar 31
5-star customer service: fraudsters launch massive campaign against Indonesia’s major banks on Twitter Mar 31
Group-IB Honored With 5-Star Rating in the 2021 CRN® Partner Program Guide Mar 29
The resilience league: Group-IB joins Cyberveilig Nederland Mar 24
Group-IB: ransomware empire prospers in pandemic-hit world. Attacks grow by 150% Mar 4
Feb 9
frost-and-sullivan Jan 27
Jan 14
Dec 9
Group-IB partners with Vara Technology to secure India’s cyber space Dec 8
Lotsy Evolution. Group-IB warns of new scam using branded surveys Nov 30
Group-IB participates in Europol-coordinated operation that saves €14 mln for European banks Nov 26
Group-IB brings new type of solution for threat hunting and attack prevention to market Nov 26
Operation Falcon: Group-IB helps INTERPOL identify Nigerian BEC ring members Nov 25
Group-IB reveals its cyberthreat forecast for the coming year Nov 25
QakBot Big Game Hunting continues: the operators drop ProLock ransomware for Egregor Nov 20
Group-IB safeguards digital identity with Fraud Hunting Platform Nov 18
Group-IB’s CyberCrimeCon’20: the most anticipated cybersecurity event for the first time online Nov 17
Group-IB cements foothold in Europe: European HQ doors in Amsterdam are now open Nov 12
Pay it safe: Group-IB aids Paxful in repelling a series of web-bot attacks Oct 20
Group-IB enhances data exchange operations by joining Anti-Phishing Working Group Oct 15
Group-IB teams up with CyberKnight to Boost Threat Detection, Client-side Fraud and Attack Prevention Capabilities in the GCC region Oct 12
Group-IB wins 2020 CybersecAsia award for its digital forensics services Sep 29
Big Game Hunting comes to Big Country: Group-IB detects series of ransomware attacks by OldGremlin Sep 23
Ransomware en masse on the wane: top threats inside malicious emails in H1 2020 Sep 18
Group-IB Named a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Digital Forensics and Incident Response Services Sep 3
Group with numerous faces: chronicle of UltraRank’s deceptive JS-sniffer campaigns Aug 27
Cybercriminal greeners from Iran attack companies worldwide for financial gain Aug 24
Group-IB’s Head of Cyber Investigations ranked among Top 20 Women in Cyber Security in Singapore Aug 14
Rent a hacker: Group-IB uncovers corporate espionage group RedCurl Aug 13
NGN International and Group-IB help companies in Bahrain to safeguard brands Aug 10
Group-IB receives funding from CSA to develop a cyber investigation solution for Singapore Jul 30
KuppingerCole Analysts AG Names Group-IB a Product Leader for Threat Detection System Jul 29
Pirate Ship Sailing to Developing World: Group-IB Uncovers Real Captains of Online Piracy Crew Jul 28
Group-IB helps to detain fraudsters that used cloned SIM cards to steal money from banks’ VIP customers Jul 16
Group-IB to expand on Spanish, LATAM markets with new BDM appointment Jul 14
Creepto Cash: personal data of thousands of users from the UK, Australia, South Africa, the US, Singapore exposed in bitcoin scam Jun 30
Fxmsp: the untold story of infamous seller of access to corporate networks who made at least USD 1.5 mln Jun 23
Group-IB enters the Adriatic region joining forces with Slovenia’s REAL security Jun 22
Group-IB unveils the Rabbit Hole scheme actively exploited by fraudsters in S’pore and worldwide May 29
The evolution of ransomware in 2019: attackers think bigger, go deeper and grow more advanced May 27
Group-IB partners with ectacom GmbH to bolster presence on DACH market May 26
Phishers turning hard-working: CERT-GIB records upsurge of phishing resource blockages as duration of attacks grows May 8
Group-IB uncovers PerSwaysion — sophisticated phishing campaign targeting executives worldwide Apr 30
Group-IB helps to detain operators of scam-service issuing fake passes to move around Moscow amid virus lockdown Apr 27
South Korean and US payment card details worth nearly $2M up for sale in the underground Apr 24
Apr 15
CERT-GIB: Phishers prefer Tesla, top 3 malware strains in COVID-19 phishing campaigns, and pandemic-related dilemmas faced by hacker underground Apr 9
Group-IB joins TSANet to resolve multivendor integration issues faster Apr 7
Group-IB: new financially motivated attacks in Western Europe traced to Russian-speaking threat actors Mar 27
Group-IB confident in the innocence of Ilya Sachkov. Co-founder Dmitry Volkov to assume leadership of the company Mar 5
Group-IB’s digital forensic experts presented the analysis of documents on the case involving Russian biathletes Mar 3
Group-IB starts investigation into spread of fake news about coronavirus outbreak in Moscow Mar 2
CERT-GIB joins the OIC-CERT to bolster cyber-defence capabilities of Islamic countries Feb 17
Group-IB urges Singaporeans to remain vigilant due to a new wave of bitcoin scam which uses the names of local celebrities Feb 7
Joker Got Taste for India: Group-IB Detects Half a Million Indian Banks’ Cards on Darknet Cardshop Feb 7
Operation Night Fury: Group-IB helps take down a cybergang behind the infection of hundreds of websites all over the world Jan 27
Group-IB: Owner of an illegal streaming network convicted for the first time in Russia Dec 23
Group-IB: Ignoring two-factor authentication results in Telegram chats being intercepted Dec 12
Huge set of Turkish banks’ cards on sale on dark net marketplace Dec 11
ITE and Group-IB team up to raise a new generation of cybersecurity specialists for Singapore Dec 2
Group-IB partners with GRF to ensure resilience of critical infrastructure in Singapore and beyond Nov 29
Group-IB presents its annual report on global threats to stability in cyberspace Nov 29
Keep calm and save your data: Group-IB analyzed threats to banking customers Nov 29
Group-IB Teams Up With Ngee Ann Polytechnic to Boost Singapore Cybersecurity Talent Pool Nov 29
Group-IB’s CyberCrimeCon to make full-fledged debut in Singapore Nov 19
Ransomware Revival: Troldesh becomes a leader by the number of attacks Nov 19
Threat Hunting: How Group-IB’s Graph Network Analysis helps predict cybercriminal activity, even before it happens Nov 18
Airome Announces Strategic Partnership with Singapore-based cybersecurity firm Group-IB Nov 12
Group-IB joins coalition to safeguard users from online dangers Nov 5
Group-IB: Owner of an illegal streaming network convicted for the first time in Russia Nov 1
Group-IB: 2 new databases with nearly 60000 Pakistani banks’ cards with PINs go on sale on the dark web. Again Oct 29
Tortuga Crisis: One of biggest pirate CDNs eliminated dragging other big CDN providers down Oct 25
JavaScript-Sniffers knock on Singapore’s door Sep 24
Group-IB helps stop a large scammer group targeting senior citizens Aug 30
Aug 21
Lotsy Evolution. Group-IB warns of new scam using branded surveys Aug 2
Perfect Pitch: Group-IB prevails in the Entrepreneurship World Cup National Finals Aug 1
Group-IB’s commentary on Sephora customers’ data breach in Southeast Asia Aug 1
Group-IB recognised as a Representative Vendor by Gartner in Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection Jul 11
Bangladesh Cyber Heist 2.0: Silence APT goes global Jul 3
Group-IB and TAG.Global to fight IP violations in the Arab Region Jun 20
Group-IB releases the results of the investigation into the voting of “The Voice Kids Russia” Season 6 Jun 11
Your local Singaporean Cyber Security company. Group-IB officially opens Global HQ in the Lion City Jun 6
Pirates dethroned: Group-IB blocked more than 180,000 links to pirated copies of Game of Thrones May 21
Initial results of the investigation into the voting of The Voice Kids presented to Channel One May 16
Channel One Russia has called on Group-IB to verify the vote results of «The Voice.Kids» Apr 29
Group-IB and NGN International launch first 24/7 intelligence-driven security operations center in Bahrain Apr 15
Group-IB and NGN International: Gulf countries came under hackers’ spotlight in 2018, with more than 130 000 payment cards compromised Apr 8
Crime without punishment: Group-IB issues a new report on JS‑sniffers that infected 2440 websites around the world Apr 3
Group-IB uncovers Android Trojan named «Gustuff» capable of targeting more than 100 global banking apps, cryptocurrency and marketplace applications Mar 28
Group-IB and NGN International launch first 24/7 intelligence-driven security operations center in Bahrain Mar 24
Group-IB: hackers hit hard SEA and Singapore in 2018 Mar 19
JavaScript-Sniffers knock on Singapore’s door Mar 14
Group-IB: 2 new databases with nearly 60000 Pakistani banks’ cards with PINs go on sale on the dark web. Again Feb 22
Group-IB: More than 70% of Russian banks are not ready for cyberattacks Feb 19
Group-IB helped to arrest malefactors profiting off the backs of the Russian elderly Feb 15
Group-IB cooperates with Arctic Security to deliver its Threat Intelligence to National CERTs and other cybercrime fighters worldwide Jan 15
Group-IB: market volume of illegal online sales of alcohol exceeded 30 million USD in 2018 in Russia Dec 27
Group-IB identifies leaked credentials of 40,000 users of government websites in more than 30 countries Dec 11
Group-IB endorses “Warsaw Declaration” aimed at fighting online piracy Nov 26
Beware Black Friday & Cyber Monday shoppers: fake products, credit cards scams and other types of fraud Nov 23
Group-IB and NGN International: Gulf countries came under hackers’ spotlight in 2018, with more than 130 000 payment cards compromised Nov 16
Group-IB presented latest cybercrime trends in Asia Nov 16
Two hacker groups attacked Russian banks on behalf of the Central Bank of Russia Nov 16
Group-IB to invest $30 million in its infrastructure aimed at fighting cybercrime in Singapore Nov 12
Group-IB and CryptoIns introduce the world’s first insurance against cyber threats for cryptocurrency exchanges Nov 6
The enemy shall not pass: Tinkoff Bank’s “echelon” reinforced by Group-IB TDS Polygon Nov 6
Group-IB: 14 cyber attacks on crypto exchanges resulted in a loss of $882 million Oct 17
5 Key Takeaways from CyberCrimeCon 2018 by Group-IB Oct 16
NDS to become an integrator for Group-IB’s cyber threats early warning technologies in Vietnam Oct 16
Group-IB presents cybercrime trends 2018 report urging the market to hunt for threats Oct 9
Group-IB Threat Intelligence gets recognized by SC Magazine Oct 2
Group-IB introduces Secure Bank — intelligence-driven solutions for smart anti-fraud protection on a global market Sep 19
Group-IB: pirated movies views in Russia hit record highs in 2018 Sep 18
Bangladesh Cyber Heist 2.0: Silence APT goes global Sep 5
Group-IB: The Shadow Market Is Flooded with Cheap Mining Software Aug 10
“Leaky” cryptocurrency exchanges: analysts of Group-IB record a massive surge of user data leaks Aug 6
Jul 19
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and Group-IB have detained hackers who broke into the accounts of 700,000 customers of popular Internet stores Jun 27
Popelysh twins jailed the second time around Jun 19
Group-IB: Cobalt’s latest attacks on banks confirms connection to Anunak May 29
Group-IB: After Arrest of its leader, Cobalt group continues to strike Mar 27
Group-IB supports operations to arrest gang for conducting massive DDoS attacks Mar 7
Group-IB Protects Lightcash Project "golden ICO" Feb 28
Group-IB Will Ensure The Cybersecurity of The Abyss — The World’s First DAICO Feb 19
Group-IB: 2018 FIFA World Cup Fans Should be Remain Astute to Online FIFA Scams Feb 6
Group-IB: each ICO faces over 100 attacks on average Jan 24
Mixed Martial Arts in the ring and online: Group-IB partners up with Fight Nights Global Jan 22
Waves partners with Group-IB to resolve phishing issues Jan 16
Group-IB uncovered hacker group, attacking dozens of banks in the US, Russia and the UK Dec 11
Group-IB CEO Ilya Sachkov named “Entrepreneur of the Year – 2017” Nov 24
Nov 2
Blackmoon Financial Group and Group-IB Will Cooperate on Cybersecurity Sep 11
Aug 23
Group-IB и EclecticIQ объединяют усилия для международных поставок данных threat intelligence о русскоязычных хакерах Jul 12
One of the largest national telecommunications operators will provide cybersecurity services using Group-IB technology Jun 27
Илья Сачков вновь среди победителей конкурса EY Предприниматель года Nov 24
Hackers target ATMs across Europe as cyber threat grows Nov 22
Fancy Bears origins unclear, Moscow experts raise doubts Sep 17
Feb 8
$5,000 Malware Allows Anyone To Empty ATMs Jan 5

Group-IB, with its headquarters in Singapore, is one of the leading providers of solutions dedicated to detecting and preventing cyberattacks, identifying online fraud, investigating high-tech crimes, and protecting intellectual property. The company’s Threat Intelligence and Research Centers are located in the Middle East (Dubai), the Asia-Pacific (Singapore), and Europe (Amsterdam).

Group-IB’s Unified Risk Platform is an ecosystem of solutions that understands each organization’s threat profile and tailors defenses against them in real-time from a single interface. The Unified Risk Platform provides complete coverage of the cyber response chain. Group-IB’s products and services consolidated in Group-IB’s Unified Risk Platform include Group-IB’s Threat Intelligence, Managed XDR, Digital Risk Protection, Fraud Protection, Attack Surface Management, Business Email Protection, Audit & Consulting, Education & Training, Digital ForensicsIncident Response, Managed Detection & Response, and Cyber Investigations.

Group-IB’s technological leadership and R&D capabilities are built on the company’s 19 years of hands-on experience in cybercrime investigations worldwide and more than 70,000 hours of cybersecurity incident response accumulated in our leading DFIR Laboratory, High-Tech Crime Investigations Department, and round-the-clock CERT-GIB.

Group-IB is an active partner in global investigations led by international law enforcement organizations such as Europol and INTERPOL. Group-IB is also a member of the Europol European Cybercrime Centre’s (EC3) Advisory Group on Internet Security, which was created to foster closer cooperation between Europol and its leading non-law enforcement partners.

Group-IB’s experience in threat hunting and cyber intelligence has been fused into an ecosystem of highly sophisticated software and hardware solutions designed to monitor, identify, and prevent cyberattacks. Group-IB’s mission is to protect its clients in cyberspace every day by creating and leveraging innovative solutions and services.

Group-IB’s experience in threat hunting and cyber intelligence has been fused into an ecosystem of highly sophisticated software and hardware solutions designed to monitor, identify, and prevent cyberattacks. Group-IB’s mission is to fight high-tech crime while protecting our clients in cyberspace and helping them achieve their goals. To do so, we analyze cyber threats, develop our infrastructure to monitor them, respond to incidents, investigate complex high-tech crimes, and design unique technologies, solutions, and services to counteract adversaries.

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