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Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your infrastructure vulnerable to APT attacks?
  • Are you doubtful about your sandbox detection?
  • Have there been cases where your sandbox did not detect malware?
  • Do you want to know the best way to respond to APT attacks?

If you answered "yes" at least once, our Malware Detonation Platform is just for you.

Malware detonation

Unlike sandboxes, the MDP does everything possible to make malware launch.

MDPMalware Detonation Platform (MDP)
MDPMalware Detonation Platform (MDP)

Workstation and real-user simulation

Unlike sandboxes, the MDP emulates a full-fledged workstation, with all modern office applications.

The MDP installs real software on a VM

The MDP updates the software in a timely manner

Links and password-protected archives

The MDP knows how to work with various types of password-protected archives

The MDP maintains its own password database, which you can fill in yourself

The MDP looks for passwords in subsequent emails

Provides indicators for further analysis

rather than simply determining
whether a file is “harmless” or “harmful”

In addition to simply understanding that a file is harmful, today you need to be aware of the full picture.

The experience of our forensic specialists in collecting and structuring data about malware behavior fuels the Malware Detonation Platform’s reporting subsystem

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Reports include:
  • risk assessment
  • object attribution
  • video or file execution
  • file structure
  • behavioral markers
  • network activity
  • process tree
  • information about affected system data
  • additional analysis artifacts

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