16 October

NDS to become an integrator for Group-IB’s cyber threats early warning technologies in Vietnam

Group-IB, an international company that specializes in preventing cyberattacks, signed a strategic partnership agreement with NDS, a leading provider of advanced network security solutions in Vietnam.

NDS, whose clients include financial and government organizations, industrial companies, became an authorized international partner for Group-IB’s products and services in Vietnam. The cooperation between the two companies allows NDS’s customers to take advantage of Threat Detection System (TDS) and Threat Intelligence (TI), fused into Group-IB’s early warning system for proactive cyber defense.

According to the Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team’s (CERT), more than 40 000 cyberattacks were detected in Vietnam in 2017 costing around 400 million USD. Cybercriminals, constantly evolving their schemes and tools, undermine the security of financial, government and industrial infrastructure.

An agreement signed between the Vietnamese and Russian Governments on international information security earlier this fall, indicates the recognition of cybersecurity issues on a global scale. «In order to be successful in the fight against international cybercrime, cross-border cooperation should be enhanced by regional partnerships. The partnership agreement with NDS is a further step for Group-IB towards the strengthening of business ties with Southeast Asian companies, whose information systems have been targeted by cybercriminals increasingly often. We already do business in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia, and we believe that Vietnam, a new market for the company, will greatly benefit from the alliance between Group-IB and NDS, which is a recognized and reliable partner. Our common goal in Vietnam is to provide private companies and government organizations with better protection against targeted attacks, ransomware „epidemic“, zero-day vulnerabilities and other cyber threats.

Nicholas Palmer

Nicholas Palmer

International Business Development at Group-IB

The partnership with Group-IB allowed NDS to broaden its range of information security solutions. We constantly follow the innovations and try to keep up to date in order to provide private companies and government organizations with cybersecurity products and services from leading international companies. We have been carefully studying Group-IB’s Threat Intelligence ecosystem and the technologies fused into TDS; we believe that their adaptive structure provides comprehensive protection based on Group-IB’s unique cyber intelligence and deep analysis of attacks and incident response. Group-IB’s systems will complement a wide range of products NDS offers to its customers in the region. We have no doubts that our clients will recognize the advantages of new products and services.

Nguyen Duy Hai

Nguyen Duy Hai


A comprehensive protection of private companies and government organizations should be based on early warning technologies. Group-IB Threat Intelligence allows to proactively detect threats, data leaks, cyber attacks and prepare for them in advance. Processing and analyzing large amounts of information from exclusive sources on malware, tools and schemes employed by hacking groups, Group-IB TI delivers tailored, trusted and actionable intelligence to prepare for the attacks, while preventing and mitigating any threats to a particular company in a given region. The system does not require a complex integration into a client’s network, all the information about threats can be easily accessed through a web-based interface allowing to see the notifications and get into details in a real time mode.

Trojans, surveillance software, ransomware — all these types of malicious code pose a serious threat to private and public companies in any country even if they have anti-virus software installed. NDS clients will have the opportunity to leverage Group-IB Threat Detection System (TDS), which allows to detect cyber threats at a network level and prevent intrusions, attacks, data leaks, and espionage. TDS early warning system enables objective traffic control based on Group IB’s unique cyber intelligence and deep analysis of attacks and incident response. All threat reports are available in a convenient web interface, which also displays visualized statistics by periods and event types enabling a user to track changes in attack dynamics and nature.

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