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Ilya Sachkov

Founder Group-IB

2016 - ranked among the brightest young entrepreneurs under 30 according to Forbes magazine and received the EY Entrepreneur of the Year National Award
– this time in the “IT for business” category.

2015 - received the EY Entrepreneur of the Year National Award in the “Telecommunications” category and Special “Business Internet Choice” Prize.

2010 - became the first Russian to win the Digital Crimes Consortium award
for his contribution to international exchange of experience in the field of computer forensics.

Member of the wide range in Russian cybersecurity organizations and Global Internet Governance, participates into the Advisory Committee of the Council of Europe and the OSCE in the field of cybercrime.


Dmitry Volkov

Head of Threat Intelligence Department
Сo-founder Group-IB

2016 – became a member of the Europol EC3 Advisory Group on Internet Security

2015 – became the head of Threat Intelligence at Group-IB. Holds extensive experience in investigation of botnets, fraud, carding, DDoS attacks and other high tech crime.

2015 - Listed by Business Insider as one of the top 7 professionals behind influential security companies.

2013 – became the member of UN Open-ended Intergovernmental Expert Group tasked with conducting a comprehensive study of the problem of global cybercrime

Since 2003 Dmitry has led the cyber security and incident response operations at Group IB. His team successfully conducted the first cyber investigations in Russia. Since then they have identified and helped detain criminals targeting banks and enterprises worldwide.

Facts about our team

Research & Development
average age
45 000
combined hours of response

Meet our team

Valery Baulin

Head of Digital Forensics Lab

Nikita Kislitsin

Head of Network Security

Alexander Kalinin

Head of CERT-GIB

Garry Kondakov

International Chief Business Officer Group-IB

Pavel Krylov

Head of Secure Bank / Secure Portal

Vladimir Udalov

Marketing Director

Nicholas Palmer

Director of International Business Development

Tim Bobak

Threat Intelligence Outreach

Dias Shukanov

Head of Brand Protection, Corporate Accounts

Dmitry Rusakov

Head of Brand Protection, Key Accounts

Sergey Nikitin

Deputy Head of Forensics Lab

Vesta Matveeva

Senior computer forensics specialist

Ruslan Yusufov

Director of Private Client Services

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