Corporate Security Assessment


of web resources requiring login identification contain at least one critical vulnerability


days it takes averagely to eliminate a vulnerability


hour or less is needed for a criminal to steal information and money


out of 10 OWASP MP threats are identified in every single mobile device security assessment we perform

Group-IB’s vast array of experience auditing large portals, banking and industrial systems demonstrates that security existing only “on paper” leads to extreme vulnerability to real-life threats.

We do not trust “paper security” and carefully analyze the true level of protection of your business. Our experts with deep knowledge of advanced cybercrime techniques can see your system vulnerabilities through a ‘hacker's eyes’.

Our audit produces concrete and actionable results – we provide you with an objective vulnerability analysis and reasonable recommendations on information security protection.

Taking a standardized "check-the-box" approach to corporate security opens the window to criminals to control your most critical systems while being undetected for months targeting your financial stability and sensitive data.

Group-IB audit benefits

Solid experience

Our company’s experts are involved in more than 80% of high-profile investigations in the field of high-tech cybercrimes. Group-IB auditors learn about threats targeting our clients at first hand.

We understand which vulnerabilities criminals exploit and which tools they use to compromise systems and remove any traces of their activity. This enables us to create threat models with the most realistic parameters.


  • Cyber intelligence analysis provided by Group-IB’s Threat Intelligence system informs us on new tools and methods of intrusion, fraud, and espionage.
  • Group-IB’s Digital Forensics and Malware Analysis analysts provide us with information on the most advanced malware targeting our clients.
  • By regularly investigating the most recent and advanced incidents we are able to carefully estimate the removal and response speeds of your security service, developers and web administration.

Professional approach

Group-IB has experience auditing the most established banks and ambitious startups, energy giants and small law firms, which helps us understand weaknesses of any size and sector IT infrastructures.

Irrespective of your company's size, we guarantee an individual approach, high quality expertise and absolute confidentiality.

Deep analysis

Our 16 years of experience in vulnerability analysis has taught us to pay attention to small details that can have a big impact.

We don’t believe in the “black box” methodology, giving preference to a deep analysis of your systems’ internal logic.

This methodology enables us to see risks overlooked by our competitors and offer sustainable solutions to minimize the risks.

Clear result

We speak the language our client can easily understand: each report contains a short summary developed for the company’s top managers together with a detailed description of vulnerabilities and specific recommendations for your technical specialists.

We are not a systems integrator, that’s why our recommendations don’t come in the form of expensive hardware changes, but rather changing system settings, or refactoring sections of code.

Our specialization

Vulnerability analysis of web resources
(systems of internet banking and e-commerce, corporate and government portals)

Software and mobile platform audit
(iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Online banking and mobile application audits (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Trust professionals!

Our team conducts their work using a flexible, bespoke approach without affecting your customer or the continuity of your business.

We offer expert analysis, not limited by automatic checkout and perform investigations based on unique proprietary methods. the depth of the analysis allows us to detect previously unknown vulnerabilities.

Our analysts hold international certifications in information security and boast a wealth of experience in WEB and mobile application investigation and vulnerability analysis.

We classify vulnerabilities according to best practices, including Web Application Security Consortium / Threat Classification v2.

The vulnerability analysis is performed according to the FIRST Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS v.2). This allows us to efficiently address the removal of the vulnerabilities found within your systems, starting from the most critical problems;

Our specialists have contributed to development of the world’s leading practical security projects, including OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project).

Customer success stories

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Thank you for your interest in our materials
  Please enter your corporate e-mail address for downloading the success story.

Thank you for your interest in our materials
  Please enter your corporate e-mail address for downloading the success story.

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