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Smart protection of your digital content

Protection against online piracy

Group-IB Anti-Piracy protects brands against pirated usage and unauthorized distribution of their unique digital content.

Global online piracy has been on the rise for years. Despite increasingly available legal streaming options, online piracy remains a significant concern for many industries relating to information technologies, software, telecommunications, audio recording, movie and TV show production, and the sports and entertainment segments.

During the pandemic, traffic to pirated websites increased by 40%. Shadow revenues are also increasing. To put it into perspective: the annual income of an average illegal online cinema is around $160,000, while a pirated content streaming website makes $89,000 per year on average.

The most pirated content — quick facts


Digital video piracy costs the US economy up to $71 bln each year

Online streams

Illegal streaming services account for over 80% of global online piracy

TV shows and movies

$51.6 bln in economic losses due to online TV & movie piracy projected by 2022


37% of software running in the world are unlicensed

Computer games

21% of users download games from illegal sources


US publishers lose $300 mln per year to piracy


Illegal downloading of copyrighted materials takes up 24% of the global bandwidth


24% of users download music from illegal sources

Sports broadcasts

The Premier League blocked over 200,000 pirate broadcasts in just 1 season in 2021, and the financial damage is estimated at a loss of revenue of around £1 mln per game.

Protect your digital content and revenue

Group-IB‘s Anti-Piracy team uses unique machine-learning technologies applied to complex investigations of cyberattacks in order to detect pirate resources, identify their owners, and block infringing content.

Group-IB leverages its reputation among hosting providers and domain registrars worldwide to promptly remove unauthorized content.

We collaborate with the leading anti-piracy associations and law-enforcement agencies to combat online piracy on a global scale.


of links to illegal resources are
successfully blocked within 7 days


of pirated content is removed
on a pre-trial basis

30 min

is the average time to detect the
first pirated copy of a movie

How it works:



Group-IB’s Anti-Piracy monitors more than 100,000 resources in multiple languages ranging from torrent trackers and streaming services to groups in social media and pirated platforms on the deep and the dark web.


Domain name databases
Search engines
Social media
Mobile app stores
Marketplaces and classifieds platforms
Instant messengers

Violation detection

We have developed advanced digital fingerprinting technology that helps compare digital copies using a set of parameters. Any type of pirated content can be detected, even if it has been significantly modified.

Our Anti-Piracy team verifies all detected links to ensure that no legal content is blocked by accident.

We detect:

Pirated content
Pirated online streams


We use moderator accounts and programs for trusted vendors to remove unauthorized content immediately.
We swiftly:

  • Remove pirated
  • Take down pirated online resources
  • Block access to malicious resources
  • Alert users of piracy

Additional services:

Legal support

Video Content We Protected

How secure is your digital content?

Online piracy research

Group-IB exposes a global financial crime network of online pirates


Understand the rate at which your content is being pirated with a market analysis and consultation - free of charge!

Online piracy research

Group-IB exposes a global financial crime network of online pirates

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