Digital Risk Protection

AI-driven digital risk identification and mitigation platform

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of detections mitigated pre-trial         


technical and legal DRP experts       


brands protected globally                          

Full-fledged protection against external digital risks

Comprehensive management of the external digital risk landscape

Identification and takedown of unlawful use of your company’s assets

An 85% pre-trial takedown rate thanks to a three-stage response

Dedicated experts in cybersecurity and intellectual property protection at your disposal

Safe customer experience throughout the brand’s digital touchpoints

Controlled and regulated distribution of goods, services, and content in digital environments

Artificial intelligence that manages your risk exposure

The Digital Risk Protection platform uses advanced technologies to detect any illegitimate use of your logos, trademarks, content, and design layouts across the digital surface.

  • Identifies illegitimate use of digital assets
  • Classifies and scores the detected violations
  • Prioritizes and initiates appropriate takedown tactics

How Digital Risk Protection works

Monitors digital


  • Domain names
  • Search engines
  • Mobile app stores
  • Online marketplaces & classifieds
  • Social media & messengers
  • Advertising
  • Deep & dark web
  • Code repositories
  • Phishing databases



  • Phishing
  • Scams
  • Fake partnerships
  • Trademark abuse
  • Brand abuse
  • Fake advertising
  • Fake accounts and groups on social media
  • Fake mobile apps
  • Counterfeiting
  • Online piracy
  • VIP Impersonation
  • Sensitive data leaks


Three-stage takedown

Notification stage

Identifies the resource owner and requests that the detected violation be removed


Enforcement stage

Leverages the partnership network to enforce the removal of any violations


Cease-and-desist stage

Obtains an official pre-trial order to take down the detected violation

Digital Risk Protection technologies

Identification of digital asset abuse

Neural networks are used to detect any illegitimate use of your logos, trademarks, content, and design layouts across the digital surface.

Scam detection at the resource creation stage

The platform automatically monitors domain name registries, phishing databases, and mobile app stores to identify scams before criminals manage to attract traffic.

Effective threat detection through self-learning algorithms

The platform aggregates data on violations and fraud schemes across industries, continuously enriching its detection algorithms.

Classification and scoring of detected violations

Machine learning technologies automatically classify the violation and assess its severity level to prioritize and initiate appropriate takedown tactics.

Graph tool for taking down the entire fraud network

Group-IB’s unique cybercrime investigation technology uncovers the scammer’s infrastructure and helps eliminate it entirely rather than blocking specific resources.

Collection of valuable evidence of violations

The platform automatically records violations and saves screenshots for any future court proceedings.

Why choose Digital Risk Protection

Proactively protect your business and customers against digital threats

Identify and eliminate adversary infrastructures at the stage when resources are being prepared to attack your brand and customers

Enjoy fully automated management of digital risks

Outsource the protection of your digital business assets to Digital Risk Protection technologies and Group-IB’s team of experts

Eliminate violations quickly and without incurring any legal costs

Mitigate risks on a pre-trial basis without additional investment and lengthy litigations

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International recognition


Group-IB is an official Interpol and Europol partner, fighting cybercrime on a global scale

Threat Intelligence & Attribution data used by Group-IB specialists to provide this service is ranked among the best threat intelligence services in the world by Gartner (2015), IDC (2016), Forrester (2017)

Group-IB’s computer security incident response team (CERT-GIB) is an Accredited Member of FIRST and Trusted Introducer international associations

Recommended by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

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