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Benefits of Group-IB courses

Experts with more than 17 years of practical experience

Since 2003, we have been monitoring all current trends in cyber security and are ready to share our accumulated knowledge in developing the most in-demand skills in the IS industry.

A wide variety of educational formats

Our programs are readily adapted to participants with different levels of training in the field of cyber security, which allows us to convey valuable information in an intelligible language to the user.

Partnership with leading educational organizations

Group-IB cooperates with key educational institutions to increase the level of digital literacy and conduct innovative joint training programs.

Group-IB Educational Programs

Learn more about the educational formats offered by Group-IB in the field of information security.


Group-IB’s trainers

Igor Mikhailov

Digital Forensics Specialist

  • Igor has been working in digital forensics and computer incident investigation for more than 20 years and has conducted over 100 forensic investigations, many of which became sources of key digital evidence.
  • Igor is an EnCE-certified specialist, the author of Mobile Forensics Cookbook, and the creator of Cyber Forensicator, an international portal, and Computer Forensics, the biggest online resource of its kind in CIS.

Sergey Nikitin

Deputy Head of Computer Forensics Laboratory

  • Sergey has been working internationally in digital forensics and incident investigation and response for nine years, including cases that involved Carbanak, Buhtrap, Lurk, Cobalt, Fin7, APT3, MoneyTaker, DarkVishnya, Silence, BlackEnergy, and other cybercriminal groups. He was one of the first experts to respond to global attacks such as NotPetya, BadRabbit, and WannaCry.
  • Sergey has been awarded a GCFA certificate and is an ISO/IEC 27001-certified auditor. He is also an official speaker for Group-IB on information security matters, with over 100 media articles, interviews, and TV appearances.

Artyom Artyomov

Senior Digital Forensics Specialist

  • With 13 years of international experience in digital forensics, incident investigation, and complex incident response, Artyom has taken part in the arrests of Carberp, Anunak, Buhtrap, Corcow, Cobalt, Moneytaker, Cron, and other criminal groups.
  • Artyom was the lead forensic specialist in high-profile investigations into the voting process of The Voice Kids and unauthorized access to Philipp Kirkorov’s personal information. Artyom teaches original digital forensics courses at several top schools and universities, including Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Higher School of Economics, MIREA Russian Technological University, the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, and the Academy of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Oleg Skulkin

Senior Digital Forensics Specialist

  • Oleg has been working in digital forensics, incident investigation, and response to complex cyberattacks worldwide for eight years. He is a regular participant and speaker at cybersecurity conferences, a GCFA-certified specialist, and a MITRE ATT&CK contributor.
  • Oleg is the author of more than 100 articles on digital forensics, incident response, threat hunting, and threat information collection and analysis. He is also the co-author of Windows Forensics Cookbook, Practical Mobile Forensics, and Learning Android Forensics.

Anastasia Barinova

Digital Forensics Specialist

  • Anastasia conducts digital forensics research, regularly participates in conferences, and develops training courses on digital forensics, incident response, threat hunting, and threat information collection and analysis.
  • Anastasia has held more than 60 training sessions in five countries and teaches original courses on digital forensics and fighting cybercrime at the Higher School of Economics, MGIMO, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Svetlana Ostrovskaya

Digital Forensics Specialist

  • Svetlana conducts research studies on Android malware analysis, security assessment of web/mobile applications and smart homes, and other topics.
  • She has been published in an IEEE journal, has taken part in preparing and making a video course on the basics of information security for schoolchildren and now Svetlana teaches digital forensics at Innopolis University.

Anatoly Tykushin

Digital Forensics Specialist

  • Anatoly conducted a research study on digital forensics, the results of which have been presented at conferences and used in real incident response cases. He teaches digital forensics at Innopolis University and Skolkovo.
  • Anatoly regularly participates in complex incident response operations, conducts digital forensic investigations, develops methodologies, and assesses organizations’ incident response readiness.

Roman Rezvukhin

Malware Analyst

  • Roman has been working in malware analysis and reverse engineering for more than six years and regularly takes part in complex incident response operations worldwide.
  • Roman reverse engineers tools and malware used in complex attacks and develops utilities that automate incident response and malware analysis processes.


Where are the courses held and how are they conducted?

Courses can be conducted on-site at Group-IB’s offices, at external venues, or at the customer’s offices, in English.

How are groups organised?

Corporate groups (training for a single company’s employees only)

General groups (training for employees from various companies)

The courses are designed for groups of 10-15 people.

Do the courses include practical exercises?

All courses for technical specialists are based on practical exercises and involve practical tasks. Some courses also include a simulation game called “Countering cyberattacks on companies”.

What skills do you need to successfully complete a course?

Our technical courses require knowledge of information security and IT.

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