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Incident Response Retainer Services, 2022

Group-IB has been named the largest and most experienced IRR provider by Aite-Novarica Group

The Aite-Novarica Group 2022 Incident Response Retainer Services report recognized Group-IB as one of the top IRR service firms in the world. Read the report excerpt to understand why Group-IB is a proven leader.
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What makes Group-IB IRR stand out according to the report?

Rapidity of the service
Group-IB can check out incidents faster than other IRR service providers that operate without an EDR solution.
Preemptive search for anomalies
Incident responders can detect previously unknown threats based on Group-IB’s threat intelligence and attribution ability.
Global cooperation
Group-IB is one of a handful of IR vendors with an authorized international CERT, CERT-GIB, simultaneously holding such CERT memberships as FIRST, OIC-CERT, IMPACT, Trusted Introducer etc.
Flexible retainer terms
Group-IB offers flexible retainer terms, including a discounted rate for additional consulting services. Customers can repurpose prepaid hours toward selecting proactive, reactive, and educational services.

Essential contents of the excerpt

  1. General information about the methodology of the study, existing IRR provider categories, frameworks, and thorough market research.
  2. A detailed overview of the Group-IB Incident Response Retainer services and a list of our competitive differentiators
  3. Information about Aite-Novarica Group, conclusions, and expert recommendations

What does the report say about Group-IB IRR?

“Group-IB is the largest and most experienced IRR service provider profiled in this report and one of the top IRR service firms in the world.”

Tari Schreider
Aite-Novarica Group Strategic Advisor

Incident Response Retainer Services: Responding to the Scene of the Crime, 2022


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