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Protection against counterfeiting and illegal online sales

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Digital Risk ProtectionAnti-counterfeiting

Digital Risk Protection against counterfeiting and illegal online sales

Group-IB Digital Risk Protection blocks offers of counterfeit products on the Internet, prevents their distribution and monitors compliance with your partner policy.

Worldwide e-commerce in numbers

$4.8 trillionretail e-commerce worldwide
$4.2 trillionprojected global counterfeit market volume by 2022
Up to 40%share of counterfeit in some product groups

Threats to online sales

Distribution of counterfeit products

Counterfeit products pose a risk of “brand dilution”, which results in brands losing their premium status and their market niche. Ultimately, customers start to lose interest in the brand. Low-quality counterfeits can also harm the buyer’s health, which damages the brand’s reputation.

Group-IB Digital Risk Protection automatically detects offers of counterfeit products under your brand name on all popular resources and enables a significant reduction in illegal online sales.

Non-compliance with partner policy

It is difficult to verify compliance with all partner requirements if you have a lot of distributors and sellers. Unethical partners may violate the requirements of the brand book, distribute goods through unofficial channels or break cooperation agreements.

Group-IB Digital Risk Protection will identify online distribution channels, unofficial stores and dishonest sellers.

Industries exposed to online counterfeiting

Fashion retail
Perfume and cosmetics
Baby products

How we protect brands against online counterfeiting



The Digital Risk Protection system automatically monitors offers of your brand's products on millions of websites around the world 24/7.

Domain name databasesSearch enginesSocial mediaMobile app storesMarketplaces and classifieds platformsAdvertisingInstant messengers


Detection of online counterfeiting

The system uses machine learning technology and the list of official partners to separate legitimate offers and identify ads containing violations. Our proprietary technology for analyzing the connections between websites makes it possible to identify all offers from the same seller at once.

Illegal sales of goods on the InternetGrey importsBreaches of partnership agreements


Elimination of violations

Elimination of violations on many websites is partially automated. In addition, we are ready to conduct a comprehensive investigation, identify criminals and provide full legal support.

Pre-trial measures

Take-down requests to resource administratorsRemoval of information via moderator accountsDirect contact with resource ownersWebsite blockage

Additional services

InvestigationProfessional legal support

Comprehensive measures to combat counterfeiting

In collaboration with the partners, we can reveal the entire chain of counterfeit distribution and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Point of sale analysis

  • Test purchases with safe storage
  • Expert analysis of purchased samples
  • Analytical research
  • Monitoring of retail chains and stores to detect illegal goods at any level (district, city, region, federal district)
  • Drafting and delivering C&D letters to points of sale and companies distributing illegal goods

Comprehensive investigations

  • Detecting distribution channels for illegal goods: production - storage – stores
  • Conducting checks on legal entities and individuals to detect involvement in sales of illegal goods
  • Close cooperation with law enforcement agencies to exchange information and prepare action plans to prevent sales of illegal goods
  • Technical and operational measures implemented in close cooperation with the police

Cases of fight against online counterfeiting

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Fashion retail

As markets are flooded with counterfeit apparel, footwear and accessories, consumers are losing confidence in manufacturers. Brands are diluted and lose their premium status and their niche in the market. Low-quality fakes can pose a serious danger to customers’ health and, consequently, to brand reputation.

1st place

is taken by apparel for the number of seizures worldwide


of footwear and apparel on the Russian market are counterfeit

10 000+

requests related to purchases of replica watches from top brands are registered in the Yandex search engine every month

40 million

counterfeit watches are produced every year around the world


Counterfeit electronic products not only affect producers of genuine items, but also expose consumers to health and safety dangers. Legitimate companies that operate in this highly competitive industry are especially vulnerable to any reputational risks.

40+ million

counterfeit devices were seized in Russia in Q1 2016


of counterfeit goods seized worldwide are electronic devices


of smartphones and 25% of video game consoles worldwide are counterfeit

$143 billion

is the volume of the global market for counterfeit devices

Perfume and cosmetics

Official manufacturers face strong competition from counterfeit perfumes and cosmetics. Brands not only lose part of their revenue but also face reputational risks: low-quality ingredients used in fake products can seriously damage customers’ health.


is the share of illegal products on the Russian market for perfume and cosmetics


is the average price difference between fake perfumes and original products sold online

535 000

views were gained by a video posted by a beauty blogger describing the consequences of using fake eyeshadow of a well-known brand

$117 million

was a worth of a large batch of counterfeit cosmetics of well-known brands seized in China


Counterfeit medication bought online puts people's health at risk, forcing customers to entirely stop buying legitimate drugs of the brand.


of the global medicine supply is counterfeit

9 out of 10

Russian online pharmacies sell counterfeit medications


the turnover on the Russian market for counterfeit medications

$200 000

was recovered by the holders of rights over contour correction products from a group of fraudsters in 2016


In 2016, global online sales of fast-moving consumer goods increased by 26%. At the same time, there has been an increase in sales of counterfeit detergents, food products, personal care products, cigarettes and other fast-moving consumer goods, which poses danger to customers’ health. As a result, official manufacturers are discredited, which is especially damaging amid strong competition on the market.

$42 million

is the volume of the Russian counterfeit market

$130 billion

will be reached by global online FMCG sales by 2025, according to projections


is the share of counterfeit food products in Russia


is the market share of counterfeit tobacco products

Baby products

As a result of sales of counterfeit baby products, official manufacturers suffer not only financial losses but also reputational damage. Counterfeit toys pose a serious danger to children’s health, while negative feedback from parents is damaging to the brand.

143 lawsuits

against Russian companies were filed by the holder of exclusive rights over the Peppa Pig trademark in 2016


of the Russian toy market are counterfeit toys

$82 000

was recovered by a UK company that brought a court action against a wholesale distributor in Novosibirsk for illegal use of the Talking Tom and Friends trademark

3 360

Porsche Cabriolet toy cars imported from China were destroyed in Novosibirsk at the request of the rights holder


Despite a ban on online sales of alcohol in Russia, new online stores selling beverages of popular brands wholesale and retail appear regularly. Customers are attracted by low prices, but these stores often sell counterfeit goods posing a major risk to the life and health of consumers.

11 tons

of counterfeit alcohol was to be sold by backstreet manufacturers in a Russian region under well-known brand names in the run-up to the New Year celebrations

3 liters

of counterfeit alcohol per capita are consumed in Russia every year


is the share of counterfeits on the market for spirits and liqueurs

€230 million

was a worth of counterfeit alcohol and food products that were seized by Interpol and Europol during a joint operation in 2017


Counterfeit auto parts not only cause direct losses to official dealers, but are also potentially dangerous for the life and health of customers.

$5 billion

is the market volume of counterfeit spare parts in Russia


of auto parts sold in Russia are counterfeit


is the price difference between counterfeit and original product


of genuine auto parts are subject to counterfeiting

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