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Relevant cyberthreats to perfume brands in 2019

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Fraudsters actively use all available online channels to distribute counterfeited perfumes or attract traffic. While manufacturers compete against each other by developing new perfume formulas and taking responsibility for the quality of their products, fraudsters feed off their names, proven quality, and popularity.

The distribution of counterfeits is not the only danger posed by fraudulent resources that abuse brands. They also put the reputation of brand owners at risk and significantly affect their revenues by causing losses in profits.

In the white paper you will find:

  • Distribution of counterfeit perfume and traffic attraction methods
  • Platforms for selling counterfeit perfume
  • Methods of abusing perfume companies’ brands and popular products
  • Extent and monetary equivalent of counterfeits on sale
  • Group-IB’s recommendations for perfume companies
  • Fraud statistics for various resources.

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