A Guide to Cyber Threats Targeting the Financial Sector

Learn why cyber threats are one of the biggest business risks for the financial sector

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The scale and damage of cyber threats have grown executives and board members are increasingly held accountable for the cybersecurity resilience of their organization. This report serves as an excellent primer for executives and as an update on the latest trends for security professionals.

This report focuses on the financial sector, which has a particularly hostile threat landscape, organizations in the industry are often the targets of profit-seeking cybercriminals. As the number of threats and their impact has grown, executives have had to recognize the increasing importance of cybersecurity to their organization. In fact, according to Gartner, 88% of board directors now view cybersecurity as a business risk.

This report provides executives with the essentials to understand the top trends in cyber threats, predictions of threat actor behaviors, and recommendations to prevent successful attacks.

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  • Ransomware - Software that threatens to perpetually block access to a system unless a ransom is paid. Most attacks are performed by Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) gangs with strict hierarchies and defined roles.
  • Carding - The illegal trafficking and use of credit or debit cards by unauthorized people. Threat actors use trojans, JS sniffers and phishing to acquire the card information.
  • Fraud - Criminal deception, intended to acquire the information or money of victims. Fraud is increasingly conducted by organized groups known as affiliates programs, these groups often use phishing sites to fool victims.

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