Threat Intelligence & Attribution

Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution

Optimize strategic, operational and tactical decision making with best-in-class threat intelligence

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Threat Intelligence
& Attribution

The first line of defense shouldn’t be your infrastructure. Gain unparalleled insight into adversaries targeting your organization, partners, or clients with high-fidelity threat intelligence from Group-IB. Prevent, deter and defeat attacks by analyzing and attributing cyberattacks, hunting for threats, and fortifying network infrastructure.

Unparalleled strategic intelligence

Understand threat trends and anticipate attacks with thorough knowledge of your threat landscape. Group-IB provides strategic decision makers with precise, tailored and reliable information enabling leadership teams to become more data driven.

Gain powerful insights with Group-IB’s best-in-class technology to enhance decision making

  • Improve risk management and ensure compliance
  • Develop a cost effective protection strategy
  • Raise stakeholders awareness and encourage proactiveness
  • Increase team efficiency
Unparalleled strategic intelligence (scheme)
Vital operational intelligence (scheme)

Vital operational intelligence

Prepare and defend against threats with detailed insight into attacker behaviours and infrastructure. Group-IB provides the most comprehensive insight into past, present and future attacks targeting your business, industry, partners and clients.

Improve operational efficiency with high fidelity threat intelligence

  • Streamline threat hunting and response
  • Improve alert triage and incident analysis by tracking adversaries
  • Prepare defenses by testing resilience with knowledge of relevant threats
  • Prioritize patching and improve vulnerability management

Exceptional tactical intelligence

Prioritise threat detection and hunting activities by augmenting internal alerts and event notifications with external threat information. Group-IB provides unique insight into the tools, tactics and processes used by adversaries giving your teams the best possible insight into attacks.

Integrate into existing security tools and workflows to improve performance

  • Prevent breaches and attacks development
  • Enrich indicators of compromise with unique intelligence
  • Identify optimal counter measures and streamline incident response
  • Improve fraud detection and prevention
Exceptional tactical intelligence (scheme)

Maximize security posture with Group-IB

Managed investigations

Group-IB offers more than the most innovative threat intelligence infrastructure. Our dedicated team of analysts and investigators work with customers, partners and law enforcement to understand threats better than anyone else. This enables us to augment the data we provide with indispensable insights and provide managed investigation services that can’t be found elsewhere.

Incident response service

Group-IB goes beyond other threat intelligence services with managed detection and incident response. Our dedicated team of highly experienced responders can support you at any moment to open communications with cybercriminals, attribute attacks and coordinate law enforcement.

Customized intelligence

Threat landscapes are mapped based on each organization’s industry, size and unique needs

Attack attribution

Insights are enriched with attributes about attack initiators, their motives and tools

The leading threat intelligence solution

Next-generation technology

Consistently recognised as a leader in the cyber security field Group-IB has been innovating and improving our threat intelligence infrastructure for over a decade. Correlate events and indicators of compromise to empower your threat hunting and attribution with Graph analysis. Group-IB has built the industry's largest darkweb database into the comprehensive platform, allowing teams to analyze the profiles of attackers and understand their motives.

More about tech


patents and applications worldwide for unique software


detections of compromised credentials with malware & phishing per day


detections of compromised credit card numbers daily


tailored categories of personal Intelligence requirements

Highly-skilled security analysts

Group-IB teams work in over a dozen languages in local threat research centers around the world to provide contextual and actionable intelligence based on your organization’s needs allowing you to better prepare and prevent attacks. If an attack does occur, Group-IB’s inhouse Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), and Investigations teams are available to provide support at any moment through the entire threat detection, response and investigation cycle.

More about our team


security experts speaking over 18 languages to decipher cybercriminal’s communications


dedicated threat intelligence analysts on hand around the world


successful investigations conducted with customers, partners and law enforcement worldwide


A Big Four accounting firm confirm that Group-IB's analysis processes are accurate, timely and ethical

Comprehensive and unique data sources

Relying on open source threat intelligence can leave your organization exposed. Group-IB employs sophisticated technologies to extract, collect, process, and analyze intelligence data from a wide range of sources. Exclusive data comes from investigations that have been conducted over the last 18 years by Group-IB’s analysts. The team is onhand to respond to requests for additional detail on threats and bad actors.

Human intelligence

Undercover agents in underground forums on the dark web,DFIR services and joint operations with international law enforcement, and experienced reverse engineers and malware analysts.

Malware intelligence
Data intelligence
Open source intelligence

Unmatched Threat Attribution

Attacks don’t come from nowhere. Group-IB traces threats and maps attacker infrastructure with unparalleled precision to attribute attacks and discover who is behind them, the techniques they use, and how they identify targets. This knowledge enables effective preparation, detection and response to attacks. Group-IB’s extensive infrastructure allows unique information about attackers’ communications, their tools and e-wallet details to be gathered.

More about tech

Unrivaled experience

18 years of data collect provides Group-IB with extensive historical

11 million+

Threat actors mapped and tracked in Group-IB's industry leading database

Financial benefits
and ROI 2021

Independent Forrester evaluation determines how Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution implementation affects companies’ revenue and savings.

Cutting edge features

Graph interface

Connect data, including information from underground forums and Internet snapshots collected over years of monitoring, and analyze it in the Graph interface. The unique dashboard provides analysts with key details at a glance and allows them to easily drill down into the data and conduct research.

Dark web insights
Threat Actor Profiling
Tailored threat landscape
Compromised data detection
Phishing detection and response
Unlimited analyst support
Malware investigation tools
Comprehensive integrations

Trusted experts are on hand

Expand your in-house security team with Group-IB’s highly trained experts. Our Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), and Investigations teams are on hand to support you through the whole threat detection, response and investigation cycle. Independent evaluation by one of the Big Four accounting firms confirmed that Group-IB’s intelligence analysis is both timely and accurate. The assessment also verified that Group-IB internal processes and protocols are compliant with the US Department of Justice principles for ethical intelligence data gathering.

Dedicated teams provide threat intelligence tailored by region and unique with locally obtained data. Having a distributed and scalable team structure spread across the world ensures comprehensive information about global, regional and local threats is gathered and analyzed. Group-IB’s Threat Intelligence & Attribution team regularly has its expertise reviewed and certified by local and international cybersecurity organizations.

Dmitry VolkovGroup-IB CTO
In the next 3-5 years, we’re likely to see the rapid growth of digital crime due to the dire economic situation in various parts of the world that is likely to encourage more individuals to go over to the dark side.
The Cybersecurity source
Oleg Skulkin
Proper cyber threat intelligence enables incident response teams to attribute most attacks to the exact threat group, so they have a good knowledge of its tactics, techniques and procedures even before the engagement started
Artem Artemov
The world is putting a lot of effort into fighting the COVID pandemic. At the same time, organizations are facing a cybercrime pandemic and equal vigilance is required to combat it. Digital forensics helps to understand how cybercrime took place and to prevent it from happening again.

Global team with local expertise

60countries of presence
550experts internationally
1300successful investigations worldwide
18+languages spoken by analysts
70Кhours of incedent response
135Threat intelligence certifications

Group-IB grants its clients threat intelligence tailored by region and unique with locally obtained data. We achieve this by creating a distributed and repeatable team structure across the world. The Threat Intelligence & Attribution team regularly reaffirms its expertise with local and international certificates.


Office address:Prinsengracht 919
1017KD, Amsterdam

Meet the team


Recognized crime fighters on a global scale

Group-IB has the most valuable partnerships in the industry, allowing it to uniquely serve customers and law enforcement around the globe. This has been achieved thanks to Group-IB’s rich feature set and comprehensive database which now includes exclusive capabilities and information gained from these partnerships.

International law enforcement

Group-IB is uniquely qualified to work with law enforcement around the world. Our joint investigations lead to the arrest of cybercriminals


Partnership agreement was signed in 2015 to cooperate in the fight against cybercrime. Since then, we have participated in the exchange of strategic information that has led to takedowns of massive fraud schemes and at-large cybercriminals.


Financial partnerships

Maintaining compliance is essential for finance institutions. Group-IB partners with leading groups to maintain best practices


CERT communities

Strong relationships with international and regional CERTs are formed to ensure that customers receive the best possible incidence response



Group-IB is compatible with existing security ecosystems thanks to an range of out-of-the-box and flexible integration options


Governmental organizations

Know that best practices are being followed thanks to Group-IB’s active membership in key cyber security organizations worldwide

US Department of Justice
US Department of Justice

Independent evaluation

Group-IB has been verified as an innovator with highly accurate and fast intelligence gathering by numerous industry neutral experts.

Big Four assessment
Big Four assessment
Frost & Sullivan
Frost & Sullivan

How you benefit from Group-IB’s partnerships

Complete disruption

Group-IB has first-hand experience working with law enforcement to completely disrupt threat actors

Exсlusive data

Gain exclusive access to data gathered from investigations conducted in collaboration with law enforcement

Intel reliability

Reliably identify threats by using the same intelligence resources that international cybersecurity agencies use

Data accuracy

Trust in the accuracy of data that is also used by law enforcement around the world to convict cybercriminals

Real sentences

Group-IB’s connections means there is a higher likelihood that attackers will sentenced and for their cybercrimes

Why customers and partners choose Group-IB

“Group-IB is one of the most innovative vendors in the market and a leader on the Frost Radar leading CTI vendors”

Company:Frost & Sullivan

“Group-IB brings exceptional cybersecurity talent to this partnership and we are pleased to be able to leverage their expertise to help enhance the security of our members. Our community of members is committed to strengthening the continuity and security of CII owners and operators in greater Asia Pacific, and Group-IB threat information will greatly assist in that mission.”


“Group-IB TI&A improved the security posture for the organization, which was much needed for our global business operations. It helped us to mitigate the risk, protect digital assets, and significantly improve vulnerability management.”


“The arrest of this suspect is down to outstanding international investigative work and new ways of collaboration both with Moroccan police and our vital private sector partners such as Group-IB.”

Industry:Law Enforcement

“The OIC‐CERT welcomes Group-IB CERT to the collaboration. This will open up new technologies of threat hunting & intelligence, anti-fraud solutions and cyber investigations capabilities to the members of the OIC‐CERT, which is vital in the IR4 era.”


Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

Raiffeisen Bank
British American Tobacco

Recognition and awards

Analyst reports

Frost & Sullivan Frost Radar™: Global Cyber Threat Intelligence Market, 2021

Forrester The Total Economic Impact™ Of Group IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution 2021

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