16 November

One of the most popular global cartoons gets Group-IB Brand Protection

Group-IB, one of the global leaders in providing high-grade Threat Intelligence and best in class anti-fraud solutions vendor, has been protecting the brand of the Masha and the Bear animated series against the distribution of illegal products on the Internet. The cartoon’s YouTube channel is consistently ranked among the top five most popular in the world, while one copy of the video “Recipe For Disaster” has received over 2.5 billion views on YouTube, making it the site’s seventh most viewed video of all time. During the first 3 months of cooperation, Group-IB has blocked online sales of products to the value of $67,000.

In 2016, the sale of goods under animated brands brought $118 billion to their creators all over the world. According to Bloomberg, in 2015, revenue from the sale of goods under the Masha and the Bear trademark was $240 million. According to Dmitriy Loveyko, the series’ producer, this was over 60% of the company’s revenue.

We select partners to manufacture products under our name very carefully, control the quality of branded products and do not cooperate with producers of low-quality goods. But as the popularity of our characters grows, the problem of counterfeit distribution is becoming increasingly pressing. By working with Group-IB, we are expecting to considerably reduce illegal online sales and redirect the traffic to the official stores.

Dmitriy Loveyko

Dmitriy Loveyko


During 3 months of cooperation, Group-IB specialists have detected over 100 online stores and several thousand advertisements offering goods under the Masha and the Bear brand, including toys, clothes, shoes, stationery, backpacks, life-size puppets, and puzzles. A quarter of these advertisements are offering wholesale supplies.

In order to solve the counterfeit distribution problem, Group-IB uses its proprietary Brand Protection system, which automatically detects websites offering products under the Masha and the Bear brand in real time and identifies illegal sales on the basis of preset criteria and machine learning technology. The system tracks violations, classifies them depending on potential economic damage and allows eliminating them quickly. Due to well-established interaction with major Russian and global trading platforms, the advertisements are blocked semi-automatically. In 3 months, Group-IB has managed to block 97% of illegal offers identified through the pre-trial process.

The principal risk behind counterfeit products is the low quality of goods, which may adversely affect the health of children and their parents. Unfortunately, reputational losses in such cases are suffered by brand owners. That is why it is very important to protect customers against illegal sellers and prevent the distribution of counterfeit goods. And modern technologies allow us to do that very effectively.

Andrey Busargin

Andrey Busargin

Director of Brand Protection in Group-IB

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