26 November

Group-IB endorses “Warsaw Declaration” aimed at fighting online piracy

Group-IB, an international company that specializes in preventing cyber attacks, have signed the «Warsaw Declaration» at the International Content Protection Summit in Warsaw, Poland. The new document aims to improve cooperation in combating online piracy, contribute to reinforcing the international anti-piracy coalition and raise the awareness of negative impact of online piracy on global economy.

Along with 34 top-tier international companies and organizations, including BBC Studios, Discovery, HBO Europe, Warner Bros. Entertainment and many others, Group-IB made a firm commitment to keep fighting online piracy internationally. The full list of signees can be found here. The summit participants agreed to share knowledge and hands-on experience to develop effective countermeasures against online pirates. The increasing global reach of cybercrime, new technologies used for illegal distribution of content, the use of cryptocurrencies were named among the major piracy threats that the Declaration aims to solve.

The Warsaw Declaration indicates the recognition of the problem on a global scale by the key market players. It is a very important step in the development of the global strategy of combatting online piracy. Having extensive knowledge and hands on experience in protection of digital content, we are excited to offer our expertise to support the global effort.

Dmitry Tyunkin

Dmitry Tyunkin

Deputy Director of Brand Protection and Anti-Piracy at Group-IB

Group-IB has been demonstrating its commitment to the cause since 2011, when its Anti-Piracy Department was established. Group-IB Anti-Piracy uses innovative intelligence driven technologies to detect pirated websites and remove infringement content. The company’s specialists provide 24/7 monitoring of 120 000+ online resources from torrent trackers and streaming services to groups in social networks and pirated platforms in the DarkNet and around 80% of links to illegal content are successfully blocked within 24 hours. Group-IB has successfully protected several movies and TV series including «Game of Thrones», «X-Men: Days of Future Past», «True Detective» and many more.

Piracy is currently a highly profitable undertaking with a complicated network of relations. There is proof of its connections to other types of crime. The alarming figures concerning the scale of theft and illegal trade of audiovisual content are a motivating factor to take action. Holding the first international meeting on combating piracy in our region was aimed at underlining the value of experience sharing and the necessity of cooperation between organisations, institutions and governmental bodies as well as businesses from various countries.

Teresa Wierzbowska

Teresa Wierzbowska

The President of the Board of the Sygnał Association, which organized the Summit

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