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Effective fight against fraudulent copies of manufacturing company websites

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$ 12.8 million

was made by fraudsters after one year of operating a clone of a manufacturing company’s website

Up to 100% of pre-payments

have been transferred to fraudsters by customers misled by copies of official websites

1 million clone websites

of official websites belonging to major companies appear in Russia every year



Create a copy

Fraudsters create a copy of an official website that differs only in the domain name.


Purchase domain names

Threat actors buy similar-sounding domain names to serve as backups for the clone website.


Attract traffic

They attract traffic to the fraudulent clone website through mailouts, text messages, messaging apps, and paid search engine marketing.


Substitute data

Threat actors replace the original data and payment details with their own.


Conduct fake sales

Fraudsters process incoming requests and receive payments from misled customers, who believe to be buying products from the official company.


Cease interaction

Fraudsters stop all communication with the misled customer.


Bypass blocking

If the domain gets blocked, fraudsters move the clone website to a backup domain.

How fraudulent copies of official websites harm businesses

Damaged reputation

When visiting a clone website, users believe that they are on an official resource and therefore trust the information on it. The ultimately negative experience affects the official brand’s reputation.

Customer complaints

When purchasing fake goods using the payment details found on a clone website, customers are in fact trying to buy products from the official brand. Once they realize they have been tricked, upset customers make complaints to the official manufacturer.

Lost profits and customers

Purchases of fake products mean lost profits for the official manufacturer. Customers associate the brand with fraud, which destroys customer trust and makes customers more likely to buy from the company’s competitors.

How we protect businesses against fraud


We monitor online resources and detect fraudulent copies of your website.


We evaluate the risks that every threat entails and prioritize response activities.


We block fraudulent clone websites.


We adjust your company’s protection strategy going forward.


We provide detailed reports on all the steps taken.

Success story

Agricultural industry under attack

How protecting one brand revealed the activities of a criminal network

32 sites

with phishing forms were blocked; some of them had existed for 1.5 years

24 hours

from receiving the customer request to starting response activities

$30 million

in lost profits for the industry

38 mailboxes

designed for spam mailouts were blocked

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