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Digital Risk Protection

The Next Generation of Intellectual Property Protection

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Digital Risk ProtectionProtection against brand abuse

Protection against online brand abuse

Group-IB Digital Risk Protection combats against online brand abuse and Internet fraud. The system quickly detects violations and blocks resources that cause reputational and financial damage to your brand.

Why consider online Digital Risk Protection?

$25,000is the average damage to one company from one fraud scheme using fake websites
25,000 websitescreated daily by fraudsters all over the world
750 million usersper month visit at least one fraudulent website

How Internet fraudsters operate

1. Fraudulent websites, fake websites, phishing


Fraudsters create websites that use logos, company colors and company name or copy the entire official company website. The tricked customers make payments and provide confidential data. Domain names, used for the registration, often contain the brand name.

Brand risks:

On behalf of the brand, fraudsters arrange raffles, request bank card details, arrange payment, and distribute malware.

2. False partnership


Criminals use logos, trademarks and names of well-known companies on their resources to inspire confidence. They list these companies as their customers or partners, promote their goods or services and cite their support. This scheme poses a serious reputational risk, not only an infringement of the right to trademark.

Brand risks:

Fraud victims and customers that have received the low-quality goods lose confidence in the brand. They file complaints and give negative brand reviews.

3. Fake mobile apps


Every day several thousand mobile applications appear worldwide. To attract audiences to their applications, fraudsters use company logos and brand names or create a complete imitation of official applications and place them in official and unofficial stores.

Brand risks:

Fraudulent apps often distribute disguised malware. As a result, users get a negative brand experience and risk losing their data and money.

4. Unauthorized advertising


Fraudsters or competitors use brands in advertising campaigns to redirect traffic to their websites. Ads can be targeted based on the device or geographic location. After entering your brand name in the search box, a user sees contextual advertisements mentioning your company and goes to a third-party resource.

Brand risks:

Fraudster and competitors’ websites drive customers away from your official website.

5. Fake social media accounts and groups


Fraudsters create social media groups using your brand name, logo and corporate identity. Their goals vary: adverse publicity, collection and subsequent resale of user data, promotion of phishing resources or sale of counterfeit goods. In addition, fraudsters can use fake accounts of company representatives to trick the company’s employees or clients into providing confidential information.

Brand risks:

Clients get negative brand experience. Criminals use sensitive data provided by employees to carry out a targeted attack.

How Group-IB Digital Risk Protection works



The system monitors millions of resources 24/7: a database with billions of domain names, unofficial app stores, targeted contextual advertising and all popular social media.

Domain namesSearch enginesPhishing databasesSocial mediaMobile app storesContextual advertisingInstant messengers


Violations detection

The system uses machine learning and the specified criteria to detect violations related to brand abuse automatically. To make sure the legitimate resources are not blocked, the analysts double-check some of the pages.

FraudBrand abuse


Elimination of violations

85% of violations are eliminated using a wide range of pre-trial measures. Phishing, malicious resources and fraudulent websites are blocked at the request from Group-IB on a priority basis. In addition, we are ready to conduct an investigation and provide comprehensive legal support.

Pre-trial measures

Take-down requests to resource administratorsRemoval of information via moderator accountsDirect contact with resource ownersWebsite blockage

Additional services

InvestigationProfessional legal support

Cases of protection against online fraud

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