Audit for compliance
with international standards

The advancement of technology and innovation has brought with it an array of security standards, recommendations, benchmarks, and certifications. While such frameworks help the cybersecurity industry to thrive, companies risk being crippled by having to choose which rules to follow. To address the challenge of choice and priority, a number of organizations have compiled curated collections of best practices taken from all corners of the compliance and regulatory sphere.

The standards (NIST Framework, ISO 27001, and others) are peer-reviewed, based on real attack data, and mapped to popular security frameworks. The aim is to provide companies with a clear plan of action that will help keep their policies and technologies current and their knowledge about relevant threats up-to-date. Regardless of the audit you choose, with Group-IB you will get a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s compliance with the international standard under review.

Audit process by Group-IB

1Preliminary analysis of source data
  • Analyze source data in accordance with the auditing process
  • Create a detailed plan for how the audit will be performed
2Audit and analysis of data collected
  • Conduct interviews with employees
  • Collect evidence on compliance with the standards under review
  • Evaluate the evidence collected
  • Rate the organization’s compliance with the standards
3Reporting and recommendations
  • Prepare an overview of the company’s compliance
  • Develop actionable recommendations for how to fill gaps in compliance
  • Prepare recommendations for how to mitigate cyber risks

What you get

Full analysis

of where the company falls short in meeting the required cybersecurity standards

In-depth report

on the completed audit and recommendations on how to optimize compliance within the organization

Comprehensive plan

for treatment of cyber risks and implementing protection technologies

What we can do

Examine the current state

of the IT infrastructure and security measures and evaluate the degree of maturity of information security processes

Assess the compliance

of the information security system with international standards and best practice

Evaluate the risks

for your organization and suggest ways to address them

Develop a risk treatment plan

considering the effectiveness of the proposed measures

Determine the sufficiency of existing documents

and their relevance to current information security needs, and draft missing documents

Why choose Group-IB’s Compliance Audit and Consulting

First-rate team of certified experts

Team of qualified experts who have 10+ years of experience auditing various infrastructures (GDPR DPP, CISSP, CISA, PCI QSA, ISO and others)

Technological and human intelligence

The strong synergy between Group-IB’s experts and proprietary Threat Intelligence & Attribution ensure up-to-date knowledge of attacker TTPs

Comprehensive approach

We not only check for compliance but also draft internal documentation and recommendations, and provide risk assessments and consulting

No nonsense reporting

We provide thorough, easy-to-read reports that clearly outline gaps in compliance as well as corresponding remediation measures

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