Fake accounts and identity theft attacks targeting celebrities on social media can be used by fraudsters for a variety of illicit purposes ranging from blackmailing to unauthorized advertising.

171 000 000

user profiles on VK were compromised by hackers in 2016


of social media accounts are fake


of users are secured with the “123456” password


stolen social media accounts are returned to their owners by CERT-GIB per month

Brand Protection Case


Ekaterina Mukhina, an editor-in-chief of Elle Russia, is a popular person on Instagram with over 164,000 subscribers. At the end of 2016, cybercriminals compromised her account and extorted money to return control over the profile.


Not only can criminals make discrediting statements acting as a famous person. The main problem is that attackers are not interested in returning control over the account to its real owner. After the ransom is paid, they can continue extorting more money from the victim.


Our Solution


In this case CERT-GIB managed to return control of the account in two days. In some incidents when an account is allegedly hacked by an acquaintance of the victim, Group-IB specialists can also perform an investigation and verify the hypothesis.


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