Baby products

Sales of counterfeit goods for children cause not only financial, but also reputational damage: counterfeits that provoke poisoning or trauma to children will quickly turn consumers against the official brand.

3 360

Porsche Cabriolet toy cars, imported from China, were destroyed in Novosibirsk at the request of the right holder

$12 000

was awarded to a British company Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd. in the lawsuit against a Russian company that produced fake bears similar to Tatty Taddy


of the Russian toy market are counterfeit toys


of baby safety equipment are counterfeit goods

Brand Protection Case


Fraudsters used a popular brand of the children's shoe store "Kotofey" by a well‑known Russian manufacturer to mislead customers and sell counterfeit goods.


The competitiveness of local companies significantly depends on
“word of mouth advertising”. In this circumstances even a single case
of purchasing low quality shoes can make the customer stop buying goods
from the manufacturer forever.

Our solution

Group-IB specialists discovered and blocked a number of resources that used the "Kotofey" brand in their domain names and website design.

Intelligence-driven brand protection

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