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Fraudsters misusing brands of well-known ticket sales companies cause significant damage to their reputations and make them deal with complaints from their potential clients.


resources, including Facebook, Vkontakte, Avito, Ebay, illegally used the Sochi 2014 Olympic brand leading up to the event


resources selling counterfeit tickets appear weekly


of sellers distribute fake tickets on social media and online classifieds platforms


new fake mobile apps appear every month

Brand Protection Case


Criminals created websites leveraging brand to mislead visitors and steal money from them.


Such fraudulent activity can result in loss of potential customers and company’s reputation.

Our Solution

CERT-GIB specialists provide 24/7 online monitoring in order to detect sources violating intellectual property rights of and promptly block them.

Intelligence-driven brand protection

Obtain objective analysis of cyber-threats targeting your trademark and action plan to eliminate them – for free.
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