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Brand ProtectionProtecting business reputation online

Online protection of business reputation

Group-IB Brand Protection supports individual and brand reputation on the Internet. The service monitors negative mentions, analyses their sources and warns of an impending smear campaigns.

Why it is necessary to monitor brand coverage on the Internet

Boost of online users

There are more than 3.7 billion Internet users around the world, 74% of them actively using social media.

Attacks are swift

It takes cybercriminals only 2 to 4 days to launch a smear campaign affecting several million users.

Attacks cause huge losses

A major Russian bank lost 22 million dollars within a week in 2014 because of a smear campaign.

How smear campaigns are conducted

Negative reviews published by opinion leaders

Incriminating paid materials or negative information published by opinion leaders attract millions of viewers, provoking viral distribution on the Internet. The coverage is increases each hour, increasing the reputational losses.

Group-IB Brand Protection system monitors 24/7 your brand mentions on blogs, accounts of opinion leaders, media and compromising sites for prompt notification of new negative publications before they can harm you.

Anomalous user activity in social media

Distribution of negative, confidential or knowingly false information about you or your brand causes serious damage to a company's reputation. The highest risk is caused by the publications with a significant user response: likes, comments and shares.

The system automatically tracks discussions of your brand with a high level of user involvement, so that you can quickly respond to negative information.

How Group-IB Brand Protection works



We monitor mentions of your brand on social media (including public pages of popular bloggers), instant messengers, the media, review aggregators, smear websites, in search engines and the dark web 24/7.

search enginessocial mediainstant messengersthe mediadeep web



We monitor trending topics and identify the sources of smear campaigns using the information distribution evaluation technology.

Smear campaigns



We inform you about the most widely discussed topics, new smear campaigns and their sources, so that you will be able to resist them.

reports about the most widely discussed topics


Additional services

Group-IB specialists can help to develop a response scenario, to repel a smear campaign, to conduct an investigation and to provide legal support in court.

response to smear campaignsinvestigationfull legal support

Find out who launched the smear campaign and how they did it

Attack scheme

We discover the entire chain of distribution of negative information and identify smear campaign sources through a detailed analysis. The technology identifying connections between social media accounts enables us to determine if real users or bots posted comments.

Criminals’ identity

Our experienced forensic experts establish the identities of individuals involved in the attack and collect digital evidence to bring the perpetrators to justice. By request, we provide professional legal support in court.

Reputation protection cases

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