Counterfeit auto parts products not only cause direct losses to official dealers, but are also potentially dangerous for life and health of customers.

€4 bln

is the market volume of counterfeit spare parts in Russia



of genuine auto parts are subject to counterfeiting


Russian regions – Rostov, Samara and Moscow – have become leaders in the number of identified counterfeit spare parts

€40 bln

is a market volume of counterfeit goods in Russia

Brand Protection Case


A criminal group, acting since 2015, creates fake websites impersonating Russian manufacturers and suppliers, substituting only contact details. After a fraudulent website is created, criminals try to attract users to the fraudulent resource using spam mailouts and targeted advertising in search engines. The goal is to pretend supplying goods and then quickly disappear once the money is collected.


Cyber-fraudsters mislead clients from official resources, and can seriously damage reputation of legitimate manufacturers, forcing them to manage complaints of potential customers.


Our Solution

In addition to standard fraud monitoring and blockage activity, CERT-GIB has competencies to identify owners of illegitimate resources, and in some cases block not only websites but also phone numbers and emails used to commit fraud.

Intelligence-driven brand protection

Obtain objective analysis of cyber-threats targeting your trademark and action plan to eliminate them – for free.
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