Group-IB AssetZero

Discover your
external attack surface

Manage risk and prevent breaches.

Over 50% of Group-IB's
DFIR cases start with
perimeter security errors

Digital transformation is causing an unprecedented expansion of organizational external attack surfaces. Networks are increasingly decentralized, with more assets scattered across on-premise locations, clouds, and third parties. Mass digitization, forgotten IT, and increasingly complex infrastructure mean that organizations are more exposed and at risk than ever before.

Take back control of your internet-facing assets.
Unleash Group-IB’s cutting-edge technology & expertise:

Full visibility
Discover and confirm your
external attack surface
Quick action
Track your external security
posture and kickstart remediation
Prevent risks
Protect your infrastructure
from avoidable breaches

AssetZero — Powered by Group-IB

Unmatched expertise & battle-hardened insights
Deploy AssetZero and immediately leverage Group-IB’s 18 years of expertise in preventing incidents and breaches.
See the Asset, Reveal the Story
AssetZero is constantly enriched with Group-IB Threat Intelligence and Research, allowing you to map IT assets to unique insights from dark web forums, closed underground groups, and complex malware research.
Stronger together: Value-added partnerships
Combine AssetZero with the Group-IB partner network to get value-added services from leading providers who understand local perspectives.
Tried & Tested: Dependable outcomes
AssetZero’s proprietary platform is powered by Group-IB’s patented technologies. We are trusted by hundreds of clients, partners, regulators, and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Exceptional outcomes for your team:

Move from reactive to proactive
  • Immediately enhance your security posture with AssetZero. Uncover and track internet-facing assets.
  • Reveal shadow IT, misconfigurations & other high-risk infrastructure with clear alerts before incidents can occur.
8 categories
All assets are mapped to 8 categories to effectively prioritize and mitigate your security risks.
Don’t become a statistic
Over 55% of all Group-IB IR cases are due to perimeter-based vulnerabilities and insecure infrastructure.
Map Threat Intelligence to your assets
  • Gain intelligence insights on your assets and understand the associated risks in simple, easy-to-understand terms.
  • Receive context to respond effectively and address the most pressing issues first.
Dark web & malware visibility
AssetZero leverages Group-IB’s industry-recognized Threat Intelligence & Attribution to give unparalleled insights onto the threats to your organization.
Intelligent insights
Don’t just get a list of assets, but understand where those assets sit and how they can affect your business.
Zero overheads and continuous discovery
  • AssetZero runs externally to your infrastructure with no requirements for agents, integrations, or infrastructure upkeep.
  • Start discovering your external attack surface straight away.
AssetZero requires no installation of software and is 100% agentless. The scanning process is fully automated, and alerts flow directly to your team directly or via MSP.
Immediate ROI
With a zero-overhead deployment, AssetZero enables you to map your attack surface and start improving security immediately.
Full visibility and smart inventory
  • Broaden your understanding of your digital footprint and reveal your true security posture.
  • See vulnerabilities, software, VPNs, ports, and even detect third-party attacks like JS-Sniffers.
Actionable & direct workflow
The easy-to-use portal and dashboards help the user quickly manage issues and prioritize critical risks for proper remediation.
Compare Performance
Baseline your posture, remediation times, and risk scored against those of your peers in your sector and region.

Under the Hood: How does AssetZero work?

Continuously scans the whole internet to identify assets
  • Group-IB’s distributed network of passive discovery scanners builds multiple graphs to map an organization’s attack surface.
  • Reviews the entire IPv4 space daily, enriches it with datasets from Group-IB’s intelligence capabilities such as registrar data, IPv6, SSLs, proprietary datasets, and subsequent recursive scanning in real-time.
  • Data collection takes place in real-time and includes:
    • IP addresses
    • Bucket storages
    • Domain names
    • Public-facing software
    • SSL/TLS certificates
Validates and categorizes assets
AssetZero performs multiple tests and validation actions against every asset associated with your external attack surface to accurately organize them all into the following eight categories:
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Network security
  • Malware security
  • Dark web mentions
  • Email security
  • DNS & Domains
  • Leaked credentials
  • SSL/TLS security
Creates alerts and generates risk scores
  • AssetZero enriches all identified assets and potential issues with relevant context from Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution.
  • Gain prioritized action items with insights beyond ordinary CVSS impact scores that help define business outcomes.
  • Understand if your organization’s vulnerabilities are currently being exploited in the wild and if immediate remediation is required.
Tracks changes and reassesses posture
  • Monitor all changes to your external attack surface in real-time with recursive discovery to ensure that your organization accurately understands its current security posture.
  • Group-IB’s remediation logic removes solved issues. If any new risks are identified, the system generates a new score and alert.
Get full visibility of your external
attack surface with AssetZero