The PharmProtect service is offered by Group-IB as part of our Brand Point Protection package, adapted to the needs of pharmaceutical companies. The major aim of this service is to ensure the safety of the pharmaceutical brand name online and beyond. The service includes a comprehensive range of specialized activities:

  • monitoring of counterfeit or gray products on online auctions, online classified ads, pharmaceutical affiliates, and other thematically similar resources;
  • anonymous test purchasing and subsequent transfer of the counterfeit product to the company’s representatives;
  • monitoring of unlawful usage of trademarks and other intellectual properties and associated services, allowing for real-time threat detection and successful neutralization (this solution provided by Group-IB also includes a range of services to monitor unlawful domain name registration, monitoring negative references made regarding the company and its products on blogs, forums, video services, and other online venues);
  • monitoring the activities of animal rights groups and other activists with the aim of preventing potential actions carried out in order to damage the property or reputation of the company, as well as the well-being of its employees;
  • additional measures to improve safety and minimize the informational risks of the pharmaceutical company.


Group-IB provides the client with the following results:

  • list of online sources unlawfully disseminating the company’s products or selling counterfeit products;
  • elimination of the sources unlawfully disseminating the company’s products;
  • removal or replacement of defamatory online content, as well as false information about the company’s products which may harm potential customers, including their health;
  • removal of confidential company information from sites to which it was unlawfully posted;
  • information regarding the activities of negatively-minded social groups and upcoming protests related to the company’s representatives and its employees;
  • information regarding the detection of malicious software directed at the company’s brand or its users;
  • blocking the activities of unlawful groups on social networks, blogs, and forums, acting under the company’s name;
  • providing samples of the gray products acquired on the black market, allowing, in particular, to examine the samples, identify possible threats, and warn potential customers, thus saving the company’s reputation, and, perhaps, the health and lives of the customers.

The information obtained is forwarded to the Group-IB departments dealing with incident investigation and perpetrator identification in order to receive legal support, and ultimately bring the persons responsible to justice.


Group-IB immediately notifies the company whenever online activity is detected, which may adversely impact the company’s image and conduct of business. This makes it possible to begin immediate incident response and optimize the reduction of potential damages. By using PhramProtect, you will receive:

  • Prompt and detailed information regarding negative online activities directed against the company;
  • Preservation of high level of sales of the legal product;
  • Preservation of the positive company image;
  • Minimization of risks associated with the functions of activist groups;
  • Reduction of costs of eliminating the consequences of malicious activities;
  • Properly executed documentation for further legal persecution of the perpetrators.

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