Group-IB’s unique Brand Point Protection package is a set of services for around the clock monitoring, notification, and response related to incidents of unauthorized online use of your brand, along with any other risks associated with reputational and financial damages for your company.

Brand Point Protection is:

Proactive monitoring:

  • monitoring of news media sites, blogs, journals, social net-works, forums, and other online resources in order to detect misinformation or information discrediting the reputation of your company;
  • monitoring of closed hacker resources in order to detect new requests for services threatening the brand’s security;
  • monitoring of search engine queries related to the brand, including keyword searches and image searches, the latter including other graphical data in addition to the static contents of the client’s resources (sites, products, logos, etc.);
  • monitoring of domain names similar to your company’s do-main name, the practice known as cybersquatting;
  • monitoring of the contents of sites the domain names of which are similar to your company’s domain name in order to detect phishing sites;
  • monitoring of unsolicited email (spam) containing references to the brand in order to detect phishing sites and resources created to cause reputational damage;
  • preventive data acquisition from international anti-phishing databases, such as,, OPERA, Internet Explorer, ESET, and MarkMonitor;
  • real-time updating of the international anti-phishing data-bases;
  • monitoring of unlawful publication of your company’s confidential information.

Expert analysis of the obtained information:

  • research aimed at better understanding the online threats facing your company’s brand and reputation;
  • statistics on the most common online threats to your company’s brand and reputation;
  • detection and development of criteria for searching and filtering of events;
  • definition of the degrees of severity of events;
  • definition of the order of classification of events;
  • correlation of the events discovered from various sources in order to discern a connection between them to a single incident;
  • analysis of phishing and clone sites to detect threats to your company’s brand and reputation.


Immediate alerts regarding:

  • detected phishing, fraudulent, and unofficial sites, and publications of confidential information;
  • detected spam referencing the brand of its keywords;
  • aspersive, fraudulent, and unlawful activities on social networks, in the news media, and other online means of communication;
  • detected malicious software aimed against or using the brand.

Responding and investigating:

  • Unauthorized use of the brand and black PR.
    • Removal or replacement online content adversely impacting the brand’s reputation;
    • Removal of confidential company information from sites to which it was unlawfully posted;
    • Shutting down or lowering the search engine index of a resource adversely impacting the brand’s reputation. Removal of domain name delegation is performed in accordance with international ICANN regulations;
    • Blocking of the hosting server housing resources adversely impacting the brand’s reputation. Hosting blocking is carried out in accordance with applicable international regulations along with the local laws of the states where the resource is located. Additionally, the local law enforcement agencies are contacted and notified regarding the unlawful activities transpiring in their territorial jurisdiction.
    • Finding the source of the publications or attacks;
    • Finding and arraigning those responsible for the black PR campaign against the brand, company, or individual employees.
  • Phishing, fraudulent, or unofficial sites.
    • Shutting down fraudulent sites, and, whenever possible, transferring them into your ownership;
    • Finding and arraigning those responsible for creating such resources.
  • Malicious software.
    • Notifying your company’s experts regarding malware aimed at identity theft, credit card theft, login information theft, and theft of other confidential information, along with a quick reference on how to detect symptoms of infection;
    • Updating antivirus databases with the malware’s signatures;
    • Identifying the perpetrators distributing the malicious code.
  • Social networks.
    • Blocking the activity of unlawful groups, forms, blogs, and forums acting under the company’s name;
    • Arraigning the creators and operators of these groups, forms, blogs, and forums.
  • Spam.
    • Terminating spam mailings.
    • Arraigning the perpetrators of these mailings.


Brand Point Protection is a unique method of effectively preventing unlawful online brand usage. As a result of brand protection performed by our experts, you will receive:

  • Damage minimization. Timely reaction minimizes the damage caused by the perpetrators by stopping unlawful online brand usage. Quick expert intervention will ensure swift gathering of the necessary evidentiary information in order to develop the measures to stop the malicious activities.
  • Reduction in the costs of conducting your own investigation. Lack of updated information, incorrectly collected evidence, inadequate documentation, and improper contacting of law enforcement leads to increased costs and loss of valuable time. Engaging an independent team of professionals allows you to avoid critical errors which occur when conducting your own investigations.
  • The restoration of justice and reputation. Identifying the perpetrators allows for bringing them to justice, and ending the spread of incorrect information regarding your brand, consequently restoring justice and reputation in the eyes of your partners and competitors.
  • Promptness and comprehensiveness of the data. The reliable result achieved during the course of incident response is ensured by properly and accurately identifying the incident circumstances, allowing for comprehensive elimination of the consequences. The involvement of the independent experts will provide you with reliability of the data, even in cases involving the internal staff.
  • Properly executed documentation. The information collected during the course of the incident investigation is documented in accordance with the applicable laws, guaranteeing that the resulting evidentiary base will be reviewed and approved by the law enforcement and judiciary authorities.
  • Possibility of conducting a comprehensive investigation. Incident response is the beginning stage of investigating unlawful online brand use and searching for the perpetrators. Success at this stage will influence the successfulness of all subsequent stages, including identifying the persons responsible, arraigning them, and seeking damages compensation.