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Phishers in Custody: Group-IB and Management K Disrupted Activities of Cybercriminals

February 24, 2012

MOSCOW — Group-IB, the first Russian company providing comprehensive investigation of IT security incidents and breaches of information security has announced its assistance to Management K of the Russian Ministry of the Interior (MVD) in disrupting the activities of a criminal group involved in theft and sale of confidential information. Thanks to the participating Group-IB criminologists, the necessary evidence was collected to begin criminal proceedings.

In November 2011, Management K specialists forwarded software samples for investigation to Group-IB’s computer forensics lab. Allegedly, cybercriminals used this software to gain unauthorized access to email servers, social networks, and other websites.

As a result of the investigation, Group-IB criminologists established that the software was in fact malicious, and the criminals used it for phishing attacks. The program redirected users to a fraudulent website, similar in appearance to a legitimate. Information entered on this website was retained via embedded scripts by the criminals, who were subsequently selling it, or using it for spam purposes.

Based on the investigation conducted by Group-IB, criminal proceedings were initiated under the article 273 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (creation, use, and distribution of malicious software).

The dismantling of the criminal group occurred simultaneously in two cities. The organizers responsible for the development of the unlawful business were apprehended in Moscow, and in Almetyevsk apprehended was the group’s technical executive, whose bank accounts contained over 10 million rubles. At present, the criminals have been taken into custody.

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Group-IB is the first company in Russia and the former Soviet Union working professionally and comprehensively in cybercrime investigation, information security breaches, and computer forensics. As part of the company, a computer forensics lab provides independent computer forensic investigations, including for Russian law enforcement agencies. Created on the basis of Group-IB, CERT-GIB operates as the first private computer emergency response team in Russia. Group-IB is part of LETA Group.

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