Software Auditing

The use of unlicensed software is widespread throughout Russian companies. Often, company managers do not even realize what sort of software is installed on their company’s computers, and thus do not consider the risks associated with violating applicable laws, when an audit of the company’s computers by law enforcement agencies can result in heavy fines.

Moreover, the company’s network may be thoroughly infected with malware, which can lead to disastrous results.

Group-IB offers an auditing service of the software installed on the client’s company’s computers. The purpose of this service is to enumerate the software installed on the company’s computers, taking into account various requirements, assess the impact of running this software, and risk minimization.

Group IB’s specialists perform the following range of services related to software auditing:

  • Enumerating the software installed on the client’s computers;
  • Detecting malware, removing it and its traces, and providing malware counteraction recommendations;
  • Identifying technical features of the installed software which can reveal signs of being counterfeit;
  • Analyzing license agreements between the client and software providers, and detecting possible violations of these license agreements;
  • Identifying software the use of which is prohibited by the company’s information security policy.

Software auditing is performed without disrupting the work of the client’s information system. It will be done with every comfort for the client at any convenient time and the least interference with the company’s workflow. The auditing is performed in accordance with a nondisclosure agreement, guaranteeing the client complete confidentiality.

Software Auditing

As a result of the audit, the client receives a report, containing the following:

  • List of software installed on the client’s computers;
  • Circumstances of this software’s installation (time and date, installer used);
  • Technical features of the installed software which can reveal signs of being counterfeit;
  • Technical specifications of the detected malware;
  • List of license agreement violations and recommendations for rectifying them;
  • Recommendations for rectifying any detected violations.

This report can be used to remove unwanted software, providing the company with information security, as well as to contest groundless decisions taken by law enforcement agencies regarding the use of unlicensed software. Additionally, anti-counterfeit recommendations may be provided, as well as a list of possible alternative software, either less expensive or free.

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