Data Recovery

Loss of important information and its inaccessibility via digital media can either be an accident (the result of damage, flaw, or improper usage), or a deliberate move by criminals to destroy certain data which can be used as digital evidence of a crime. The purpose of this service is to restore deleted or corrupted data stored on various media (hard drives, flash drives, and others).

Group-IB’s specialists perform the following range of services related to data recovery:

  • Consultation of an expert regarding data recovery;
  • Recovery of any types of deleted files (documents, photos, videos, etc.);
  • Data recovery after virus infection;
  • Data recovery after logical damage of the file system;
  • Recovery of data stored on non-functioning devices;
  • Recovery of files damaged due to a software error.

The lab’s criminologists can recover data from any media:

  • Hard drives of any sizes;
  • Solid state drives;
  • Flash drives;
  • RAID (failsafe arrays);
  • Memory cards;
  • Mobile phones and smartphones;
  • Tablets, multimedia devices, etc.

All work is performed based on a contract and in accordance with an agreement of nondisclosure of confidential information. Prior to beginning the actual data recovery operations, a free device diagnostics is performed, the result of which allows the specialist to evaluate the cost, the possibility, and the scope of data being recovered.

Data Recovery

As a result, the customer receives the recovered files stored on media provided by the client or provided by Group-IB. Having the most modern and high quality equipment for working with digital data media, Group-IB’s specialists can not only recover the data, but also conduct an investigation and provide a corresponding determination regarding the causes of media failure and the files contained on that media, furnishing a complete report regarding the work performed.

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