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Independent financial and corporate investigations

Protecting a company’s financial and economic interests against all kinds of abuse – both external and internal – is an important task, whose solution is inseparably linked to the stability of any business.

Below are possible types of threats to a company's financial and economic interests

  • Internal and external fraud;
  • Misappropriation of assets and intellectual property;
  • Bribery, corruption and other unethical activities;
  • Product tampering;
  • Theft or disclosure of trade secrets;
  • Unfair competition and industrial espionage;
  • Hostile takeover and corporate raid.

What we offer

Independent financial and corporate investigations, which include:

  • Investigation of violations within the company and checking the facts of a probable fraud;
  • Independent and objective assessment of possible abuse by employees;
  • Investigation of cases of misappropriation of assets and property, their return and/or applying measures established by law;
  • Identification of cases of hidden conflicts of interest and relationships that are contrary to business ethics;
  • Comprehensive analysis of the reliability of employees, suppliers, manufacturers, business partners, sales agents, etc.;
  • Other activities.

Our solution

We see the work of an effective project team as our main tool for solving this task. Our project team includes experts on a whole range of problems, such as:

  • Financial investigation experts;
  • Accounting and financial audit experts;
  • E-Discovery and forensic experts ;
  • Economic security experts;
  • Compliance experts.

Through a comprehensive work, the project team can more fully establish the chronology, causes and conditions of abuses, as well as identify those involved and help restore the violated rights.
Why Choose Us?

  • Compensation for damages and losses;
  • Protection of your company's property and assets;
  • Protection of your company's brand and reputation;
  • Protection of owners' reputation;
  • Competitive advantage in the market;
  • Increased appeal to investors;
  • Better corporate culture and ethics.

Incident Investigation

Investigating information security incidents is a unique service in Russia, provided exclusively by Group-IB. It helps to identify the perpetrators of the incident, ensuring an inescapable responsibility for the offences committed. Group-IB’s experts perform the following range of services related to incident investigation:

  • restored event timeline;
  • determining the causes of the incident;
  • identifying the persons responsible for the incident;
  • recommendations for the prevention of similar incidents;
  • legal support.

To identify the persons responsible, Group-IB uses unique resources within Russia and around the world. The HoneyNet distributed network, close ties with international organizations involved in incident investigation, and the distinctive skills of our specialists, all of this allows for identifying the perpetrators of the incident with maximum accuracy and speed. This is why our services are used by various organizations, including governmental agencies.

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