Incident Investigation

Investigating information security incidents is a unique service in Russia, provided exclusively by Group-IB. It helps to identify the perpetrators of the incident, ensuring an inescapable responsibility for the offences committed. Group-IB’s experts perform the following range of services related to incident investigation:

  • restored event timeline;
  • determining the causes of the incident;
  • identifying the persons responsible for the incident;
  • recommendations for the prevention of similar incidents;
  • legal support.

To identify the persons responsible, Group-IB uses unique resources within Russia and around the world. The HoneyNet distributed network, close ties with international organizations involved in incident investigation, and the distinctive skills of our specialists, all of this allows for identifying the perpetrators of the incident with maximum accuracy and speed. This is why our services are used by various organizations, including governmental agencies.

Incident Investigation

The successful outcome of the investigation is the establishment of the identities of the persons responsible, including their physical locations. At the conclusion of all activities, the client is presented with a comprehensive report, which includes:

  • restored event timeline;
  • detailed descriptions of each step of the investigation with supporting materials;
  • identity information of the persons responsible;
  • information of their physical location;
  • recommendations for the prevention of similar incidents;
  • recommendations for further legal proceedings against the perpetrators.

Based on the results of the incident response, the client may opt to engage our legal support team in order to begin legal proceedings against the established perpetrators. We always recommend employing our legal support services while investigating information security incidents. This ensures the perpetrators face inescapable responsibility for the offenses committed, warranting highly probable compensation for damages, thus significantly reducing financial and reputational risks.

Incident Investigation

Each incident investigation requires an individualized approach, although the goal is always the same: to identify the persons responsible and arraign them. As a result of incident investigation performed by our experts, you will receive:

  • The ability to seek compensation for damages. Compensating the damages is only possible when the perpetrator has been identified. The major aim of the incident investigation is to find the persons responsible, determine their location, and arraign them.
  • The restoration of justice and reputation. Identifying the perpetrators allows for bringing them to justice, and, consequently, restoring justice and reputation in the eyes of your partners and competitors.
  • Strengthening of your image. Bringing the perpetrators to justice makes your assets unattractive attack targets. Your partners will be certain that you are ready to protect their interests, as well as your own.
  • Reduction in the costs of conducting your own investigation. Incorrectly collected evidence, faulty preliminary findings, inadequate documentation, and improper contacting of law enforcement leads to increased costs and loss of valuable time. Engaging an independent team of professionals allows you to avoid critical errors which occur when conducting your own investigations.
  • Impartiality and reliability of the data. Unique methodologies, updated databases, and knowledge of the specifics of computer crime guarantee the speed, reliability, and comprehensiveness of the obtained data regarding the perpetrators. The involvement of the independent experts will provide you with impartiality of the data, even in cases involving the internal staff.
  • Properly executed documentation. The information collected during the course of the incident investigation is documented in accordance with the applicable laws, guaranteeing that the resulting evidentiary base will be reviewed and approved by the law enforcement and judiciary authorities.

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