Incident Response

The response to an information security incident is carried out by highly qualified professionals who are confronted daily with a variety of incidents, such as attacks on a site, an online banking system, piece of software, or another information asset. Each incident is unique and requires an individualized approach, so the scope of work and the response team are selected on a case by case basis. The following may occur:

  • server hacking;
  • theft of electronic funds;
  • IP telephony hacking;
  • theft of network traffic;
  • confidential data leaks;
  • destruction of information;
  • targeted virus attacks.

A rapid incident response allows for the development of an action plan in the shortest possible time, one aimed at quickly curbing the incident, reducing the incurred damages, and recovering the critical business processes. Group-IB’s experts perform the following range of services related to incident response:

  • around the clock expert consultation;
  • rapid development on an action plan and assistance in its implementation;
  • expert visit, if requested;
  • rapid removal of critical vulnerabilities;
  • conducting forensics;
  • analysis of malicious software (viruses);
  • data recovery;
  • legal paperwork, including the preparation of the necessary documentation for law enforcement agencies;
  • development of recommendations for improving information protection;
  • development of a plan and recommendations for incident investigation.

In the event of signs of an incident, simply contact Group-IB and describe the problem to the representative. The rapid response team will be dispatched to the scene as soon as possible to collect the necessary digital evidence, independent forensics of which will aid in determining the circumstances of the incident.

Incident Response

A successful incident response is one where an ongoing incident was stopped, with a timely minimization of financial and reputational damage, or one quickly and comprehensively documented with digital evidence. At the conclusion of all activities, the client is presented with the following:

  • evidence collected and stored in accordance with the applicable laws;
  • complete incident report;
  • recommendations for improving information protection;
  • documents for law enforcement agencies;
  • materials for further investigation.

Based on the results of the incident response, the client may opt to investigate the incident. This service provides identification of the persons responsible, allowing for their arraignment.

Incident Response

Any incident requires rapid reaction. The reaction rate affects the time it takes to stop an incident, and if done at a high quality level, avoids fatal flaws. As a result of our expert incident response services, you will receive:

  • Minimization of the damages caused by the incident. Timely incident response minimizes the damage because it allows for stopping the developing unwanted consequences. Quick expert intervention can swiftly restore the normal operations of you company’s information systems.
  • Reduction of the costs for eliminating the effects of the incident. Implementing the correct response plan will help to comprehensively address any existing vulnerabilities. Our recommendations will allow for the optimization of purchasing and implementing the security measures. You will not need to divert the focus of you own specialists from their routine tasks, and consulting with Group-IB’s attorneys will allow you to possess properly executed documentation in order to avoid problems with the authorities.
  • Impartiality and reliability of the data. The reliable result obtained in the course of the incident response is achieved by the comprehensiveness and accuracy in identifying the circumstances of the incident, allowing for exhaustive elimination of its effects. The involvement of the independent experts will provide you with impartiality of the data, even in cases involving the internal staff.
  • Properly executed documentation. The information collected during the course of the incident response is documented in accordance with the applicable laws, guaranteeing that the resulting evidentiary base will be reviewed and approved by the law enforcement and judiciary authorities.
  • Possibility of conducting a comprehensive investigation. Incident response is the beginning stage of incident investigation and searching for the perpetrators. Success at this stage will influence the successfulness of all subsequent stages, including identifying the persons responsible, arraigning them, and seeking damages compensation.

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