About Group-IB

Group-IB is one of the most innovative companies dedicated to preventing and investigating high-tech crimes and online fraud.

Since 2003, the company has been active in the field of computer forensics and information security, protecting the largest international companies against financial losses and reputational risks. Group-IB has a wealth of experience solving cybercrimes around the world, with a profound and unparalleled expertise regarding Russian‑speaking criminal groups.

Group-IB’s experience and threat intelligence has been fused into an eco-system of highly sophisticated software and hardware solutions to monitor, identify and prevent cyber threats.

Our mission is to protect clients in cyberspace with innovative products and services.

Official Еuropol partner

by the Organization for Security and Co‑operation in Europe

Recognized by Gartner
as a threat intelligence vendor
with a strong cyber security focus


Our clients include banks, financial institutions, oil and gas companies, software and hardware vendors, telecommunications service providers and FMCG brands from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Lebanon, Russian Federation, UK and USA.


Group-IB has a team of highly qualified professionals specializing in different fields, from malware analysis to accounting and compliance. Our experts are members of professional advisory councils and participate in leading information security events worldwide.

Our clients

Our services


Integrated solutions for extensive online monitoring in order to identify and avert threats and other malicious activities

Security assessment and consulting
Thorough examination of the IT infrastructure and professional cyber security advice from the auditors with extensive investigation experience
DDoS attack protection
Powerful anti-DDoS system, which can be activated in a few clicks to filter malicious traffic in real-time with a bandwidth of up to 300 Gb/s
Antipiracy | Antifraud | Anticounterfeit
Proprietary reputational management and monitoring systems to detect and rapidly block illegally distributed digital content, intellectual property or counterfeit goods sales


CERT-GIB is Group IB’s official computer emergency response team (CERT) responsible to monitor online activity 24/7 in order to identify and respond to any incidents or security breaches

24/7 certified support team with vast experience in responding to threats and incidents
Prompt takedown of malicious and fraudulent websites across the globe through an active collaboration with other CERTs worldwide
Accredited member of professional CERT networks and partnerships, such as FIRST and Trusted Introducer


Group-IB runs the largest computer forensics laboratory in Eastern Europe, with an experienced investigation team capable of identifying suspects, collecting and analyzing evidence on the cybercrime scene and collaborating with law enforcement to prepare legal cases in any jurisdiction


     successful investigations      worldwide


of high-profile cybercrimes in Russia and CIS are investigated by Group-IB

$100 mln

of our client's assets were retrieved in one of our investigative cases

Our products

Group-IB’s security ecosystem provides comprehensive protection for your IT infrastructure based on our unique cyber intelligence and deep analysis of attacks and incident response.


Learn about threats, leakages, attacks, and hacking activity before they can harm your business


Detect malicious incidents in your internal network to prevent intrusions, attacks, data leaks, and espionage

Secure Bank

Get the most of your antifraud systems and instantly protect all of your clients

Secure Portal

Protect your customers and citizens with innovative solutions for e-commerce
& e-government